Does Boric Acid Kill Carpet Beetles?

Does Boric Acid Kill Carpet Beetles?

Having carpet beetles is a problem because they tend to damage rugs, clothing, and carpets. They can be found in many home areas, so they are usually a big headache when they appear. You have to act fast to eliminate this pest, as the consequences of not doing so can be devastating to your economy.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of carpet beetles; just not all of them are functional. Some remedies can be harmful in the long term for both children and pets. You always have to think about the family; you should choose with caution, and boric acid is a great option.

What Is Boric Acid?

What Is Boric Acid

This is an element that works as a natural pesticide thanks to its borate salts, which are in many products. The amount of pests controlled with this product is very varied, being carpet beetles one of them.

Does Boric Acid Kill Carpet Beetles?

Yes, these types of products have a quite powerful reaction in the organism of living beings. Carpet beetles are not immune to this effect. This is the surest way to eradicate them.

If you have or suspect an outbreak, boric acid is perfect regardless of the insect’s life stage.

How Long Does It Take For the Boric Acid To Kill Carpet Beetles?

Something incredible about boric acid is that it instantly kills the bug, eliminating the problem from the beginning. The best thing is that it affects both larvae and adults; apart from that, it can be put on cloth surfaces.

How Does Boric Acid Kill Carpet Beetles?

The process of how boric acid works is not that different from any other insect that consumes it. This element affects only when it enters the insect’s nervous system, usually because it eats it.

A common effect of this product is that it markedly dents the outside of the insect, but not all of it. Boric acid is excellent since it even prevents long-term reproduction, which will prevent infestations.

How To Use Boric Acid To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles?

How To Use Boric Acid To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles - Photo By tobyjug5 from Flickr

There are two safe ways that carpet beetles can be used. One is to use the powder directly, just put it in the areas you prefer and let it sit for at least two hours.

When removing the waste, you may notice some corpses, not to mention that it is safe to take effect in the long term. The second way is to mix with hot water, spray generously, wait, and then vacuum without noticeable interference.

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Other Natural Ways To Eliminate Carpet Beetles

There is more than one way to deal with pests of this caliber, and many of them are incredible. Keeping the house clean with vacuuming and steam can be one of the best alternatives to avoid infestations.

Applying earth from the deatomeas is an option that not everyone considers, but it is excellent when you have patience. This should only be sprinkled on and around the carpet to kill the carpet beetles slowly.

This process is because the soil absorbs the oils and fats of the insect until it is immovable. White vinegar is also perfect because it cleans the surface, which will prevent the pest from arriving in the first place.

All these alternatives are good because they do not harm the family, which should be a priority.

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