Does Coconut Oil Kill Fleas?

how to use coconut oil to kill fleas

If you have a pet at home, you have to protect it against diseases or pests such as fleas. It is time for you to learn about coconut oil and its fast action against fleas. You have to solve doubts about coconut oil and its effectiveness against this pest that affects your pet.

Find out if all types of coconut oil kill fleas and how safe it is to use on your pet’s fur. Know the benefits of using coconut oil against fleas and how you should use it. You should know all about external flea treatment and other natural ways to get rid of them on your pet.

Does Coconut Oil Kill Fleas?

Does Coconut Oil Kill Fleas 2021

Although coconut oil is effective against fleas, it is not the definitive option to kill them in your pet’s hair. Coconut oil can be used as a natural repellent against fleas and ticks on your dog. It is an excellent product, not toxic, or gives good results to avoid fleas on your dog.

You may be disappointed that coconut oil doesn’t kill fleas, but it works to repel them. You can have great results against fleas by avoiding them on your dog and, therefore, in your home. These fleas are usually annoying and dangerous for your body because you can get them too.

Does Coconut Oil Repel Fleas?

Coconut oil does repel fleas completely, although you should know how to apply it to your pet who has them. This natural product is the solution to your flea and tick problems, avoiding them completely from your pet. You can create a naturally-derived coat for your pet’s coat to prevent fleas from entering it.

The smell of coconut oil is the one that acts against the pest, preventing them from remaining on your pet’s fur. You can constantly apply this coconut extract to your pet and notice that it will be free of fleas. This oil also serves to repel ticks that can inhabit your pet’s hair.

Do All Types Of the Coconut Oil Kill the Fleas?

Do All Types Of the Coconut Oil Kill the Fleas

Not all coconut oils can repel fleas because some are combined. You should buy an extra virgin coconut oil that will allow you to repel fleas on your pet with ease. If you buy coconut oil with other components, it may not give you the results you want.

To purchase this product, you can place your order online or in physical stores where they have it. Coconut oil can not only be used on your dog but also on your body to enjoy its benefits.

Is It Safe To Use Coconut Oil On Pets?

It is very safe to use coconut oil on your pet because it is a natural origin without chemicals. Your dog can lick the coconut oil and not have any allergic reaction, so you should not worry. It is good that you properly use coconut oil on your dog’s coat so that it works against fleas.

When you apply coconut oil on your dog, your pet’s first thing will lick it off the area. It is good to use some methods to prevent coconut oil from eating your dog and repel fleas.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil In Pets

Coconut oil is not only the best natural repellent against fleas, but it also gives your pet other benefits such as:

  • It offers antifungal and antibacterial properties so your dog can quickly recover from cuts and wounds.
  • It can alleviate the itching and fungal infections that your pet may suffer.
  • Optimize your pet’s energy and prevent it from shedding as it ages.

How To Use Coconut Oil To Kill Fleas?

You have to know how you can use coconut oil to kill fleas that your pet has:

  • Internally

In this method, you should apply a good amount of coconut oil to your dog’s coat and wait for the skin to absorb it. It is good to apply the oil to your pet and then walk on to prevent him from eating it. You should apply a lot of coconut oil and wait around 10 minutes for your dog’s skin to absorb it.

  • External prevention

You can also use coconut oil on your pet with external prevention with a t-shirt. All you have to do is put a shirt on your pet and then apply the coconut oil. The shirt’s fabric will absorb the product on your pet, which will suffocate and repel fleas in their hair.

External Flea Treatment

For external flea treatment on your pet, you have to wear a unique used t-shirt for the process. It is good that you wear a tight t-shirt on your dog so that you have a high chance of repelling or killing fleas. When you manage to put the shirt on your pet, you have to apply the coconut oil.

You must do this external flea treatment every day until your pet is gone. You should buy a lot of coconut oil not to interrupt the treatment for at least a week. When you see that your pet is free of fleas, you must stop the treatment and remove the shirt.

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Other Natural Ways To Eliminate Fleas

If you are not completely convinced about coconut oil to get rid of fleas, you should know other natural remedies:

  • Neem oil

You can use some neem oil to remove fleas naturally in your pet’s hair. This product effectively kills fleas, thus avoiding infestation within your pet.

  • Vinegar with water

You can combine vinegar with water and apply it to your pet to repel fleas and ticks. This element is excellent for the strong smell that makes it stronger against the plague with a little water.

  • Olive oil with wash

You should buy some olive oil and combine it with some lavender leaves to use against fleas. This element gives a very strong smell that will help you repel and kill the flea larvae on your pet.

  • Lavender with water

Finally, you must combine the lavender with water to effectively extract against fleas. This item is good for killing fleas or repelling them from your pet’s body, so they don’t create an infestation. You can take some lavender leaves, crush them and then apply water to have the natural repellent against the pest.

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