Does Coconut Oil Kill Lice?

Does Coconut Oil Kill Lice?

There is nothing more uncomfortable than having head lice, but the good news is that there are many effective treatments for getting rid of them. You must take the appropriate measures as soon as you discover that you or a family member has lice.

Lice are known as parasites, and once they settle on your scalp, they will suck your blood and lay their eggs. It is easy to tell if you have lice because these insects are very itchy and irritating. And if an infestation occurs on your scalp and you don’t take steps to get rid of them, the situation can be taxed.

How Does Coconut Oil Affect Lice?

Although there are many known treatments for getting rid of lice, one of the most effective seems to be coconut oil. This oil contains lauric acid that can kill lice. However, it is not as effective as other treatments for many experts that can be found on the market.

The advantage of coconut oil is that it does not contain any chemicals, and when used, it will not be toxic to your body. This is an affordable option and a great help for those who are not tolerable to stronger treatments.

Does Coconut Oil Repel Lice?

Coconut oil is used to kill lice because it does not cause side effects. Of course, some are allergic to this element and cannot use it as a treatment. Before trying coconut oil to get rid of lice, a small amount should be applied to some parts of your skin to verify that it does not cause an allergic reaction.

Apart from repelling lice, this oil can kill them, especially when combined with other efficient products for this type of case.

Does Coconut Oil Kill Lice?

Experts have done a lot of research to show whether coconut oil can be effective in killing lice. Although lice have become resistant to some methods, coconut oil can be even more effective than many chemicals on the market.

In a study carried out in England, it was discovered that a spray containing a mixture of aniseed with coconut oil became a very effective treatment to kill lice. But before this discovery, some people claim to have used natural treatments several times and have not been effective in killing lice.

If you use coconut oil to kill lice and do not get positive results, you should see your doctor as he is the most appropriate person to offer you a definitive treatment.

How To Use Coconut Oil To Kill Lice?

If you have chosen coconut oil to get rid of lice, you should have enough of this oil on hand for it to take effect and a thermal cap. First, you should rinse your hair with hot water and let it dry and then add the coconut oil, which should be at room temperature.

You should spread a generous amount of coconut oil all over your hair and massage carefully. Then the thermal cap should be put on for about 8 hours so that the lice can suffocate.

This process takes time since you must use a fine-tooth comb to observe both the lice and the nits that you find. If you go through the step-by-step process, you will most likely be able to get rid of all lice and nits. If not, seek an over-the-counter treatment.

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