Does Cold Weather Kill Fleas?

Does Cold Weather Kill Fleas?

Know how resistant fleas can be when exposed to a cold environment without being in a warm host. Find out if fleas die in the winter or freeze up and survive for your pet’s upcoming infestation. You must know the temperature in which the fleas and their eggs can be inside or outside your pet.

Find out how quickly flea eggs can hatch in a warm environment and do so in winter. This parasitic insect is a great danger, but perhaps a warm environment will end its life, solve those doubts.

Does Cold Weather Kill Fleas?

Low temperatures have the pleasure of eliminating some problems in your life, such as fleas in this case. This parasitic insect has an exoskeleton that depends a lot on temperature. It does not withstand an environment of 20-18 degrees. When fleas are without a host and winter approaches, this can kill them entirely in a short time.

Something that you must have with the cold temperature and the fleas is that the insect will have more activity. You must take care of your pet to prevent the insect from climbing on it and creating an infestation on its body.

Do fleas die in winter?

Fleas can die in the winter as long as they are without a host to protect them by their fur. If this insect is inside your pet, the cold weather may not do anything to them due to their hair’s consistency. Since your dog will spend most of the time cold indoors, this increases the likelihood that the insect will survive.

You don’t have to completely rely on cold weather and take your precautions when fleas on your pet. You must buy pest collars for your dog and maximize the probability of killing fleas.

At what temperature do fleas and eggs die?

With a temperature of 20 to 18 degrees Celsius, a flea can die or freeze in this case if they are fully exposed. The insect’s eggs can run with luck because only their hatching process will be slowed down. With these low temperatures, fleas will have no way of escaping unless they are inside your dog, who is also inside the house.

You must fear cold weather and flea infestation because they will seek to protect themselves in your home. It is a stage where the insect will try to enter the house through your dog or by itself with the access points. You can use some pest repellants on the door, windowsill, or other areas where the insect could enter.

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How fast can flea eggs hatch?

Flea eggs in a warm temperature can hatch in less than 12 days, but the process can slow down in winter. These eggs can last twice as long to hatch in winter to better shed them. They are light brown, tiny that you can see inside your pet’s fur or in areas close to your home.

You can remove flea eggs manually, or if you dread doing it, only use chemicals. Even winter can kill these parasitic insects’ eggs, even if it gives you time to eliminate them. You must buy flea collars and protect your pet against any disease caused by the insect.

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