Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Scorpions?

Does diatomaceous earth kill scorpions

The material resulting from the fossilization of single-celled algae that are covered with a bed of silica is called diatomaceous earth. The name of these algae is Diatomite and hence the name of the earth. This seaweed has an exoskeleton of silica minerals. 

These algae feed on silica by transforming it into organic silica. They have an amorphous structure and are located inland due to their occupation for millions of years. Diatomaceous earth has a biogenic origin, but it has unique physical properties in contrast to other silica minerals. 

Does diatomaceous earth kill scorpions?

Yes, it kills scorpions. Diatomaceous earth is an inert mineral that is not toxic but is an effective ecological insecticide. By a strictly physical action, it kills scorpions and scorpions since the mineral adheres to the body of the insect producing that they dehydrate. 

Although the soil is harmless, it should not be absorbed. It must be sprinkled in dry form for good effectiveness through an applicator obtaining this way a good coverage. It is not recommended that it be applied in humid zones since the mineral loses its effect completely. 

How does diatomaceous earth affect scorpions?

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Diatomaceous earth is a mineral element naturally produced from microscopic single-celled algae in a living state anywhere in the world called diatomites. These algae act on arthropods causing them to dehydrate very slowly. 

The way diatomaceous earth works is totally physical. It is a purely mechanical process, it is not chemical, and it is not toxic. This is why it is only dangerous for invertebrate animals, and therefore for insects. It is not dangerous for vertebrate animals, so you can use it with peace of mind if you have pets. 

Does diatomaceous earth repel scorpions?

Diatomaceous earth is not a repellent, so it does not repel scorpions; it simply acts mechanically, slowly dehydrating them when they contact the mineral organic silica. It is a non-toxic element and does not produce odor, so it is not a repellent. 

It must be ensured that the diatomaceous earth is applied uniformly as a thin layer of dust. Once applied, it can be brought into the assisted area since it is an element that does not affect humans or vertebrate animals. This product can be purchased in garden stores. 

How to get rid of scorpions with diatomaceous earth

In the presence of scorpions in the house’s courtyards, it is best to use diatomaceous earth to eradicate them. This mineral works as a natural insecticide, and it is not toxic for people or domestic animals. It is easily available in nurseries. 

A purely physical process

The scorpions have a respiratory system based on tracheas that allow the conduction of oxygen to the animal’s interior to perform gaseous exchanges by diffusion method. It has several closing mechanisms in the entrance holes to prevent water loss. 

When the insect comes in contact with the diatomaceous earth, this adheres to its body, not allowing the animal’s breathing process and at the same time does not allow the entry holes to close, thus starting a loss of water from the body, leading to imminent dehydration. 

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