Does Heat Kill Fleas?

How to Get Rid of Fleas with Heat

Fleas are very small nasty insects that can be up to 1/8 inch long. They do not have wings, and their legs are long that allows them to jump long distances. Their bodies are flat and thin, and they feed on their hosts’ blood.

These insects are carriers of bacteria that can cause illness in humans, such as plague and typhus. Many methods are used to kill fleas; one uses heat. Do you want to know if heat kills fleas? Below you can find the information you need on this topic.

Does Heat Kill Fleas?

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The answer is yes; fleas are insects that need moisture and heat to survive. But they have a limit of heat that they can withstand like humans. You can interrupt fleas’ life cycle in very high temperatures and eliminate them effectively.

The heat will kill the eggs, young fleas, and mature fleas. This is a cost-effective and effective way to kill fleas in your home.

What Temperature Can Be Used To Kill Fleas And Flea Eggs?

As mentioned above, fleas cannot survive very high temperatures. Above 95 degrees, temperatures will kill fleas and their eggs for a long time.

If you have an empty house, you can turn the thermostat to 100 degrees for 48 hours, and it will kill all the fleas. But this is impractical for people who do not have an empty house. High humidity can also end fleas’ lives, with 75% humidity will cause them to dry out.

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How To Kill Fleas With Heat?

How To Kill Fleas With Heat

There are many options that you can use to kill fleas with heat. Certain ways can be quick and effective, while others can take longer.

Direct Light

One of the most effective methods of killing fleas is in direct sunlight. This light can increase the places where the fleas are and reduce the humidity around them. This creates an unsuitable environment for fleas and may kill them.


Steam is a natural method that allows you to kill fleas while also cleaning your home. You can use it on carpets, sofas, furniture, rugs, and anything else that you can’t put in the dryer.

The steam cleaner can kill fleas at any stage of their life cycle. Some vaporizers are not very effective at killing fleas; you must have a vaporizer that delivers enormously hot vapor.

Washing And Drying

You can put your clothes, bedding, cushions and other soft furnishings in the washing machine and wash them in hot water. Then use the dryer to remove the fleas completely; you must use the highest temperature for 30 minutes.

If it is white clothes, you can use bleach, and you will see that the result is more effective. Some studies claim that fleas cannot survive the heat of the dryer.

Professional Heat Treatment

To use heat to kill fleas, you can also seek professional heat treatment. Professionals are the best people to do this type of work because they have the necessary knowledge, techniques, and tools.

Many of these heat treatments are designed for bed bugs, but they can be used for fleas as they reach high temperatures.

With these tips and using high temperatures, you can effectively eliminate fleas in your home.

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