Does Hot Water Kill Lice?

Best Way To Get Rid Of Lice Fast

Head lice can be a big problem for anyone who has them as they bring several complications. These are small insects that are on people’s heads at a certain time and cause great discomfort. It is common to find these insects on the heads of children under 10 years old.

These insects are really small parasites that need to feed on human blood to live and are usually found on the scalp. They are easy to contract but a bit difficult to eliminate, so it is necessary to know certain helpful tips. For several years, a theory has been around wetting the scalp with hot water to eradicate these. But you have to thoroughly study the issue and the proposal to know for sure how efficient it is or not.

How does hot water affect lice?

There has been a belief that hot water can be a suitable instrument for removing lice for some years. However, although it is proven that lice are sensitive to temperatures above 45 ° C, hot water is not an option.

The hot water does not affect the lice as expected when they are on the head because they close their breathing holes. When closed, they enter a lethargy state or fainting that lasts about 36 hours but does not mean that it eliminates them.

Does hot water repel lice? 

It is recommended that utensils used daily, such as brushes and even clothes or sheets, are properly washed. When cleaning these items, it is necessary to wash them with water at 60 ° C to repel lice.

Although they can be removed from certain items and utensils by hot water, this will not happen in the head. Once the lice are lodged on the head, the hot water will not repel them as expected.

Does hot water kill lice? 

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When the lice are not on the head properly speaking, they can be effectively killed by hot water. Lice are insects sensitive to temperature, so hot water can be a very effective weapon. But it is necessary to remember that hot water kills them while they are out of the head. Otherwise, it will only let them go.

Can hot water Kill the Lice Eggs?

This question’s answer can be ambiguous because hot water is useless to kill them on the head. But when it comes to disinfecting the articles used by the person with these insects, it is effective for their total elimination.

Hot water with a temperature of more than 60 ° C kills the eggs found in combs or clothes.

How to get rid of head lice with hot water? 

The high temperatures needed to kill these tiny insects and their eggs completely exceed 46 ° C. These temperatures are high, so it is not recommended under any circumstances to wash the head with such hot water.

This concludes that the hot water theory is not effective in getting rid of head lice. However, it is positive for eradicating lice in articles that have been used by the person.

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