Does Human Urine Attract Bed Bugs?

Does Human Urine Attract Bed Bugs

You must have been familiar with the bed bugs; these are the tiny insect that you can find in your house mattress and many other places.

They may feed on the humans and can cause allergies to your skin which may turn severe with time if you do not get rid of them soon.

If you children or older people in the house, you may have found the wet beds, which are common.

And if the urine attracts the bed bugs, then it is the most troubling issue that a person can face.

But till now, there is no human study that has proved that urine attracts bed bugs. Bed bugs are primarily attracted to human hormones, carbon dioxide, and heat.

However, there is one hormone that is excreted in the urine, which can attract bed bugs, but it does not. It is simply because urine is dirty, and that is why they are not attracted to it.

It is just a misconception that bed bugs are attracted to dirty houses or homes, and the hormone found in urine may confuse the bed bugs because they use that to see the other bugs.

Is It True that Human Urine Attracts Bed Bugs?

Yes. If you are confused about whether urine attracts the bed bugs because you have small kids or adults at home who may wet their bed while sleeping at night.

If you are afraid, then you should not, even though urine contains CO2, but that also in significantly less amount and it does not have any effect on the bed bugs because there is 90% water in urine.

Urine also has hormones, but that does attract the bed bugs because of that, but bed bugs do not attract the dirty or unclean houses.

So, there can be bed bugs in your house or mattress because urine does attract the bed bugs.

The Dangers of Urine In A Mattress

There are many parents who do not use diapers at night for their kids, which can lead to an accident at night, and they may wet the mattress, which leaves the odor in the mattress.

And one of the main problems you can face is that urine attracts bed bugs, which can be pretty troubling. 

Bed bugs are blood-sucking parasites that feed on humans at night and are attracted by heat, carbon dioxide, and human hormones.

The heat or warmth that humans have given at nights after urinating can attract bed bugs.

Another thing is that humans relieve the CO2 when they breathe out, and in the night, the bed bugs can find the humans so easily.

If they infest on your mattress so much, you cannot get rid of them, and the only possible solution is to buy a new one.

What Attracts Bed Bugs into Your Home?

What Attracts Bed Bugs into Your Home

Bed bugs are not attracted to the dirt, so if you think that they will come with the dirt, then you are wrong!

These bed bugs are primarily attracted to humans’ warmth, carbon dioxide, and blood and find a space where they can hide.

These bugs come from the old or used furniture and from the other infested area. They can come through the backpack, purses and luggage, and other items if they are places on upholsters or soft surfaces. 

What scents attract bed bugs?

If you want to know about the attraction of the bed bugs, then they are attracted to so many things, and if we talk about the scents, then there are many scents that attract the bed bugs.

If you use the cleaning chemicals or deter, then it will not attract the bed bugs. And the scents that attract the bed bugs are-

  • Bleach
  • Fabric softener
  • Windex
  • Scented candles 

These are the real things that will attract these bed bugs; these bed bugs are also attracted to the chemical called histamine.

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Are the bed bugs attracted to period blood?

If you think that bed bugs are attracted to the scent of the blood, then you are wrong because they are not! It’s not the scent that attracts bed bugs; the heat and CO2 attract them.

So if you think that period blood will attract the bugs, you are wrong because it does not. The bed bugs are attracted to the people or women who are on their periods. 

They are just attracted to heat, warmth, and carbon dioxide and not the scent of any blood, so if you have this doubt in mind, then there is no sense of that thing.

 Are Bed Bugs Attracted to Water?

Are Bed Bugs Attracted to Water?

Most people have this doubt in mind about whether water attracts the bed bugs or not? Then the answer is no because bed bugs do not even drink water.

When it comes to survival, they can survive in the water, but not for a long time. Once water submerges them, they will not be able to live in the water for a long time.

Water is the source of life, but it can be the source of death for the bed bugs.

There is one more thing that bed bugs do not require water to live, and they do not drink it, but they require the fluids that are necessary.

What Bugs Are Attracted to Urine? 

The type of bug that is attracted to the urine is the ant. They are supposed to be attracted by the urine. Because ants like sugar, if your urine has the sugar in it.

People who have excess sugar in their urine mostly have diabetes, and that is why they attract ants.

Final Words

You may have got the idea or understand completely that urine can attract bed bugs, and it is only because of the hormone that is present in the urine.

It also produces the warmth and the CO2 that humans breathe out, which attract the beg bugs so much. 

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