Does Salt Kill Roaches?

Does Salt Kill Roaches?

Cockroaches are capable of producing a wide repertoire of diseases through direct contact with their vomit or saliva. This pest can take up residence on any surface of your home and contaminate everything from surfaces to food. They also tend to reproduce massively, facilitating the spread of a pest.

The most common dilemma for people looking for a natural alternative is whether the salt can kill roaches. To remove roaches, you need to find the most effective natural remedies.

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Does Salt Keep Roaches Away?

Salt is an excellent repellent for cockroaches and is ideal for keeping them away for a long time. You have to place it in the infested places and know how to complement them to reach the better effects. It is an essential kitchen ingredient for any home. In this way, you can save excessive costs and do less harm caused by chemicals.

To know if salt kills cockroaches, it is necessary to do some research. There is a wide repertoire of salts that work as an insecticide for this type of pests. According to experienced exterminators, salt is the key factor in fighting any invasion. And sodium chloride or kitchen salt can be an excellent alternative to eradicate the American cockroach.

Does salt kill roaches?

Some people may ask whether the salt can kill roaches. Yes. Salt is an excellent alternative to eliminating roaches without spending on chemicals completely. Its effects are capable of killing these types of pests in a massive way to prevent their reproduction.

Baking soda is an excellent alternative to eliminate any pest in a short time. You have to make sure you select an ingredient that is capable of attracting them to guarantee results. Sugar is an excellent supplement to eradicate a considerable number of cockroaches.

Why does salt repel roaches? 

Why does salt repel roaches?

The effects of salt often drive cockroaches’ nervous systems out of control and even keep them away for a long time. 

The high salt content is also capable of causing gas and bloating in the stomach until they die within a few minutes. According to various statistics, a large percentage of effectiveness has been found in country houses.

Baking soda is also capable of causing a nervous breakdown in these insects once it is mixed with a compound that attracts them. Sugar is the perfect ally to combat these pests or eliminate them.

This mixture is ​​considered a top choice for the practicality of its ingredients. The key is to select an ingredient that is highly attractive to them and let the salt do the trick.

How to use salt to repel cockroaches? 

Salt is one of the most practical alternatives to keep cockroaches away from any home.

  • Be sure to buy your Epsom salt from an insecticide store so you can guarantee your results. Remember that several low-budget copies on the market could become an impediment to the extermination process.
  • Once you get the salt, be sure to mix a cup along with five gallons of water carefully. As an optional alternative, you can add a small handful of cloves to attract roaches.
  • Mix ingredients in a container so you can pour them into a spray bottle or pump sprayer.
  • Have the premise of spreading the content in each key area, including the bathroom and kitchen surfaces.
  • Once it is finished, you must constantly repeat the procedure to avoid the reproduction of these insects.

What smells keep roaches away? 

Cockroaches usually hate the smell of fresh herbs and, in most cases, drives them away immediately. By having a bay plant or at least a few dry leaves, you can get rid of roaches. 

You have to make sure to place a small bouquet in the areas where they come out frequently, including surfaces related to cabinets or the kitchen. Unlike cockroaches, this aroma is not usually perceived by humans.


Basil is also ideal for keeping these roaches away through its pervasive smell. To guarantee your results, you must prepare a tea and place it in a fragrance. This way, you can spread the formula in strategic places to completely eradicate them.


In this category, the smell of mint is positioned as the number one alternative to scare off cockroaches. Its smell is completely unpleasant for them and even causes them to leave the place.

Cucumber peels

Cucumber peels are found outside of the herb category to ward off insects. For many people, the use of cucumber as a repellent for cockroaches continues to be a surprising effect. 

They tend to perceive this aroma as one of the most unpleasant insecticides causing their disappointment. To get a good effect, you need to place the peels in each of the key locations.

Does Epsom Salt Kill Roaches?

Epsom salt is the key to eliminating these types of pests or keeping them away from crops. Its effects produce a chemical reaction capable of collapsing the nervous system of these insects.

 It works as a high potential insecticide and is even used in most farms. The main advantages are that it is a highly economical and accessible product.

Cockroaches usually live in gardens or other green areas to create their nest. If this is the case, you can use this type of salt as a pesticide to eliminate them. 

And, you can protect your crops and prevent them from contaminating certain foods. You can also apply to eliminate pests that are hidden on the surfaces of your home.

According to some pest control experts, using this type of salt is relatively effective. It depends on the size of the nest and the consistency it maintains in the applications. So, it is a completely safe alternative.

Other Natural Methods to Get Rid of Roaches

Other Natural Methods to Get Rid of Roaches

Bath Soap

When it comes to repelling cockroaches, several methods must be used, including bath soap. This natural alternative is very useful for its good smell and a high percentage of effectiveness against pests. 

You have to make sure to mix 20 ml of water dissolved in soap and pour it into an air freshener. To guarantee its effects, it is advisable to spread the content in the key areas.


Vinegar is the perfect ally to combat this type of insect and even combat other pests. 

To make a natural repellent, mix three parts of water with vinegar and spray the solution on the corners that you frequently find roaches. 

It is recommended that you refrain from using the formula on wooden furniture.

Using Laurel and Rosemary

As a complementary alternative, you can use a small bunch of laurel and rosemary in infested areas to eradicate them.

Boric Acid

The use of boric acid is one of the most effective methods for the cockroaches, and in most cases, the results are guaranteed. You have to be consistent with applications so that you can keep them out.

 Once you have the powder, it must be mixed with wheat flour and sugar to create your trap. As a preventive measure, avoid placing this formula in places near children or pets.

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