Does The Dryer Kill Fleas?

Do Fleas Die in the Dryer

You may have a flea infestation at home and need to know how to put an end to this serious benefit. Find out if the dryer kills fleas so you can get rid of them on your pet. Protecting your dog should be the priority and more when he has a serious infestation of fleas that affect his life.

You must know if fleas can survive the intense heat produced by the dryer or washing machine at home. Learn how you can wash flea-infested items at home to protect them. With good information about fleas, you can avoid the parasitic insect that affects your pet and life.

Does the dryer kill fleas?

Does the dryer kill fleas?

When you detect fleas at home, you may need to eliminate them and prevent further infestations immediately. The dryer can be a great option for you to kill these insects in quick action. As the washing and drying process has a lot of spinning speed and the water present, this can kill fleas.

A dryer has the power to remove this annoying pest from your pet’s bedding or even your clothes. If you notice that fleas have reached extreme levels in your infestation, you should only wash the contaminated things. You may see dead fleas above the water after you finish washing and drying all of your clothes.

Another way in which this dryer can affect fleas is by suffocating them due to the speed at which it is spinning. You can have the ultimate flea killer that will kill them quickly, safely, and easily clean.

Can fleas survive the washing machine?

Fleas are unlikely to survive the washing machine because of the spinning speed and the amount of water in it. If you put a flea-infested item in the washing machine and turn it on, you may kill them. You can see how the fleas stay above the water in the washing machine.

Awash and dry that you give to a flea-infested sheet is enough to kill the parasitic insect. You will have excellent results in this wash against fleas, giving you a natural repellent against them. Since you already have the washing machine working at home and can use it against fleas, you can save money on repellents.

How you should use the washing machine against fleas is the traditional way you apply it when you wash your clothes. It is necessary that when you try to clean your items with fleas that you do it by yourself and do not mix with other clothes.

How to Launder Flea-Infested Items?

For you to wash items that are infested with fleas at home, you must do the following:

1. You have to wash your clothes with fleas using very hot water but do not overdo it not to damage the garment. You must use a good amount of detergent to have good results in killing fleas and their eggs.

2. You must start the washing machine and place it at a very high speed of movement to kill the insect. You must understand that the dryer needs to be hot to remove all the fleas and their eggs.

3. To start the washing machine, you must run it on a full cycle to kill the fleas. When you put the clothes in the dryer, you must put them to work until your garment is completely dry. You can finally see how the fleas and their eggs lie dead under the dryer.

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