Does Vaseline Kill Lice?

Does Vaseline Kill Lice?

Lice are one of the most unpleasant insects that can exist since they will want to stay there for a long time once they lodge in your head. There are some characteristics by which you can guide yourself to detect if you or someone close to you has lice. At that time, you must find a very effective solution to kill them as quickly as possible.

Although many chemicals are available to kill lice, natural methods you may have at home are also being used. Vaseline is one of these products that are being used to kill both lice and nits.

Does Vaseline Kill Lice?

Many natural methods are being tried by people who have lice to find out which is the most effective. Vaseline is one of the home remedies that have the power to kill lice, even their eggs.

Some people cannot make use of the chemicals that have been made to kill lice, and turning to petroleum jelly to do so will be a great option. Although petroleum jelly is greasy and difficult to remove from your hair, it will help you eliminate these insects.

Can Vaseline Kill the Lice Eggs?

There’s proof that Vaseline is able to stop numerous lice eggs from hatching whether Vaseline is remaining on the top for ten days straight.

Should I Use Vaseline For Lice?

There is no problem for you to avoid using petroleum jelly on your hair to kill lice. Experts have conducted studies on people with head lice, and using petroleum jelly has killed about 62% of the lice. After the experts tried a wide variety of home remedies, in the end, Vaseline was the most effective product.

Of course, for petroleum jelly to help kill lice, it is important that if you plan to apply it to your hair that you are consistent with the treatment.

How to Get Vaseline Out of Hair

Petroleum jelly is a very sticky substance, so using it to cover all of your hair can be a bit unsightly. The downside to petroleum jelly is that it is not water-soluble, so removing it from your hair can be very difficult. It can take weeks to remove the petroleum jelly from your hair completely.

To be able to remove this substance easily, you should wash your hair with dish soap. Also, you can make use of the baby shampoo and use it repeatedly to see good results. And if these options do not have results, you can try baby oil, applying it to your hair and detangling it with a lice comb.

Does Vaseline Kill Lice Eggs?

Vaseline is powerful enough to kill lice eggs, but you must take some care to use it. You must know that petroleum jelly can kill the eggs found at the time of your treatment, but most of them hatch ten days after being laid.

For this reason, you should repeat this treatment repeatedly to ensure that all the eggs are eliminated.

How to Get Rid of Lice With Vaseline?

To eliminate lice with petroleum jelly:

  • Cover all your hair and scalp with petroleum jelly
  • Take some plastic item and cover your head for about 8 hours
  • Then, wash your head very well to remove the petroleum jelly. You can use dish soap, baby shampoo, or baby oil.
  • You must repeat this treatment every five days for at least three weeks so that you can see positive effects.

Follow these steps and remove lice that are on your scalp naturally.

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