Does Washing Clothes Kill Lice?

Does Washing Clothes Kill Lice?

Getting rid of lice can be more difficult than you might think, although many chemical treatments and natural methods are on the market. The reason is that lice become immune to certain components over time. However, this does not mean that you did not find an effective method to eliminate them.

How Does Washing Clothes Affect Lice?

The first thing you should know is that lice, apart from living on your scalp, can also live on your clothing. When lice break off your scalp, they will fall onto your clothing and then find a way to get back onto your head where they have their nits attached.

Experts on this subject have been able to verify that washing clothes that are infested by these insects can be of great help to eliminate them. Although many treatments are no longer effective in killing these insects, you can achieve this mission, depending on how you wash your clothes.

Does Washing Clothes Repel Lice?

There is a belief that to repel lice, it is enough to wash clothes in a washing machine, but this is not the case. When you have lice, wash your hair with soap and water regularly, yet the lice remain there. If you wash your lice-infested clothes in the washing machine, you must choose the correct cycle.

Most washing machine cycles are not as effective for you to get rid of lice quickly. These insects will not drown in the water while submerged in a washing machine because they can hold their breath for many hours.

Does Washing Clothes Kill Lice?

If you have used chemical and natural treatments to eliminate lice and have not found a solution, you should know that there is a very effective way. Although dry cleaning does not kill lice, the disinfection cycle of washing machines can eliminate them.

For lice to die, they must be subjected to temperatures above 130 degrees F. Most washing machines contain a sanitizing cycle that exceeds 165 degrees F so that this process will be a breeze. As soon as you notice lice around you or on your clothes, putting your clothes in a washing machine with maximum temperature will be your best option.

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How To Use Washing Clothes To Kill Lice?

To get rid of lice from your clothes:

– You should wash it in the sanitize cycle of your washing machine at a temperature of 130 ° F. This temperature is equivalent to the high cycle of your washing machine, and most of these units have this cycle.

– Because lice die under hot temperatures, using the dryer can also be a great option. Once you put your lice-infested clothes in your dryer on high heat, they will die quickly.

If your washing machine or dryer has an ecological sensor, you should turn it off if you will wash your lice-infested clothes. When the washing machines are activated the ecological sensor, this option saves energy, and of course, the cycle with the hottest temperature will be avoided.

To wash your lice-infested clothes in the washing machine, you must make sure that you can put a warm temperature in it. Experts recommend leaving your clothes in the washing machine to wash for approximately 40 minutes to achieve the desired effect.

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