How To Keep Pests Out With Electric Fences

Electric Fence Pest Control

Pests are insects that can be tedious when you don’t have the gadgets you need to keep them away. In other times, “pests” were only considered any animal or insect that damaged crops such as vegetables. But that concept is now being coined for these small insects responsible for biting people to feed themselves.

Electric fences are a solution to be seen briefly, so more should be known about it. These fences can be very functional, but it is necessary to know its use and if it is effective. Pests can become a big problem, especially at certain times of the year, and it is necessary to repel them in some effective way.

How Does An Electric Fence Work? 

This type of device or equipment works using certain electrical discharges of a non-lethal high voltage of low current. The intensity of these discharges reaches about ten amps, which means that it effectively fulfills its purpose.

These fences are often used for two purposes, such as keeping pests or unwanted visitors away.

Required Equipment For Electric Fences

For a good installation of an electric fence, you need certain equipment such as posts such as wooden or plastic stakes. The fence’s perimeter will be established, considering the insulators and the tape and thread to be used. It will also be necessary to have conductive cables, as already explained, of wire or tape depending on the soil’s conductivity.

For their part, the insulators must be by the chosen post because of a plastic post. They will not be necessary. In addition to these devices, the grounding spike will also be necessary, as well as a hammer and the well-known wrenches in addition to the pliers and scissors that will be needed in order, to begin with, the proper installation of the electric fence.

Pros And Cons Of An Electric Fence

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The pros that can be achieved with electric fences can be varied, such as defining your property. With an electric fence, your land’s borders will be delimited for anyone and even pests who want to approach. Its maintenance is really simple since it is occasional and does not represent a great complication for this.

It is a non-lethal method, which means that the main objective is to repel but not cause serious damage. These can remain activated for 24 hours, which guarantees continuous protection without interruptions of any kind and without doing anything.

Although few, its cons are still important, such as the corrosion that the fence or electric fence can suffer. It cannot protect all parts of your property, so there may be slight interference from pests.

How To Keep Pests Out With Electric Fences?


Electric fences are effective in keeping pests out since it prevents pests from approaching. With the electric shocks that it emits in addition to the slight noise it expresses, it manages to keep pests away from your property. If they approach the electric fence, it will immediately and effectively deter them from persisting in entering your home.

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