How to Use Essential Oils to Get Rid of Earwigs

How to Use essential oils to get rid of earwigs

You can never tolerate earwigs outdoors, and you will never want them indoors. People use chemical sprays to eliminate them or think of laying traps that just won’t work enough. There is also a possibility with traps that a stray cat or kid would get into it. Sprays also make children and pets feel dizzy and lightheaded. Essential oils could be one good source that you could explore to resolve the issue. These essential oils can serve as your best defense against these creatures. Even though earwigs can be harmless, you still don’t want them hanging around. Use oil in cotton balls to get rid of earwigs. 

How to Use Essential Oils to Get Rid of Earwigs?

 Some of these essential oils are much powerful. You can use lavender oil, cinnamon, and citronella, by adding just 3 to 4 drops on cotton balls, which can go a long way in solving the ‘EARWIG’ problem. Other essential oils that help get rid of these earwigs include peppermint, eucalyptus, cedar, basil, and clove. 

 Most of these essential oils are different from one another; however, the process of using them can be the same. You need to add 3 to 4 drops of this oil in around a gallon of water. 

 Try out different concentrations of oil to see what works best for you. If it is weak, add more oil and reduce water. When strong, add water and reduce oil concentration. 

 These oils can harm some pets or people who are sensitive to them. Therefore, use them with care.

 Upon mixing, pour the oil into a spray bottle to sprinkle around your home in areas such as basements, kitchen, bathrooms, sheds, outhouses, and garages. The strong smell of these essential oil keeps these earwigs away. When you use this oil outdoors on your plants, you need to reapply every day owing to natural diffusion. 

 You can also use neem oil to repel earwigs. Neem oil comes from neem trees in India and is widely in use there. It contains anti-bacterial properties, which also help cure skin problems like acne, dry skin or wrinkles, scars, stimulated collagen production, etc. 

 Mix one teaspoon Neem oil with warm water (8 ounces) and spray in the areas where you find earwigs such as damp, moist areas; dead decaying plant matter; earwig’s entry points to your house; doors and windows; or cracks and crevices on your baseboards. 

 Do Essential Oils Kill Earwigs?

Do Essential Oils Kill Earwigs

 Earwigs all around the world are sensitive to smell. Some odors drive all earwigs away. These essential oils repel both earwigs as well as household pests. You can easily prepare an earwig repellent spray with it. 

 Put together dish soap, cayenne, peppermint, and tea tree oil inside a spray bottle and pour warm water. Spray it on plant stalks and leaves that need protection. Repeat this every few days especially post the rains. This spray helps to get rid of earwigs, which may sneak around your place. It directly kills them when applied. 

 How Do Essential Oils Affect Earwigs?

 Peppermint has a minty aroma that smells better than any chemical. It serves as a great natural insecticide that can kill and repel earwigs. It offers repellent action when applied to body parts. Many insects find the smell offensive. Apply them on cotton balls and place them around your house where earwigs pass by. You can also use it as a spray.

 Eucalyptus is the main food for koala bears. It has medicinal properties too that cure sore throat, cough, and chest pain. Moreover, it is a powerful insecticide, too, owing to its strong aroma. Earwigs die quickly when they come in contact with it. Combine this oil with half a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent along with two cups of water. Shake well and apply on plants. You can quickly solve the earwig infestation within 3 days. 

 Tea tree oil is antifungal, antibiotic, expectorant, antiviral, and antiseptic. It kills insects due to its anti-parasitic properties, thereby suppressing or destroying the growth of these insects. Dilute 20 drops of tea tree oil with water and spray earwig-infested areas. It will quickly repel these earwigs and solve the earwig infestation problem.

 Lavender Oil is an effective bug repellent for centuries. It also helps prevent any spread of infection caused due to insect bites as it controls inflammation and itching. You can mix a few drops of this oil with sunflower oil and spray it on earwig-infested areas to repel earwigs. 

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 What Other Scents Keep Earwigs Away?

What Other Scents Keep Earwigs Away

 You can also use oil and soy sauce traps to get rid of earwigs. You need to combine olive oil and soy sauce in a container and let earwigs pass by your trap. Earwigs get attracted to this smell and so will climb up the container and drown in the liquid. 

You can also use other essential oils such as cedar, basil, and clove to prevent earwig infestation in your home. 


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