Barn Spiders: How To Get Rid Of Barn Spiders Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Barn Spiders Naturally

If you have spiders in your barn, you have to learn how to get rid of them naturally. These arachnids can be annoying for your barn aesthetically because they will leave their cobwebs all over the place. Know what are the natural remedies that you can apply to scare away spiders in the barn.

You should know how to prevent barn spiders without first identifying them and knowing some facts about them. Find out why you have spiders in the barn, what attracts the arachnid, where they hide, and if they are dangerous.

What are barn spiders?

The araneus cavaticus or barn spiders is a species that is usually found in North America. These spiders usually measure 20 mm in their adult stage, and it was the inspiration base for the book “Charlotte’s Web.”

It is a species of harmless weaver spiders that can seek your home as a refuge to protect you from predators. You can have some barn spiders in your home for years; they do not create a major infestation but many cobwebs.

Barn spider life cycle

Barn spider life cycle - Image By Pexels

The life cycle of barn spiders begins when a female and male spider mate by the fall season. This spider lays its eggs within weeks of mating, forming a sac with its silk. With this egg sac that looks like the cocoon of butterflies, barn spiders have many eggs.

The female barn spider usually dies when winter comes after giving birth, so her life is short. These female spiders can also eat the male after mating to gain energy. Barn spider eggs hatch for the first time, so the new generation of these arachnids starts quickly.

How to Identify Barn Spiders

To identify barn spiders, you should look for them by their three-quarters of an inch size and yellow color. This arachnid can also have brown features, and its legs are often striped. The area under the spider is black with some white markings inside.

Why do you have barn spiders?

Why do you have barn spiders - Image By Wolfram

The reason you have barn spiders at home maybe because you have a humid and dirty environment. Spiders are attracted to moisture that settles in your basement, bathroom, or between walls. These barn spiders will see your home as a refuge to guard against their natural predators.

When the winter season rolls around, barn spiders can also make their way into your home. You can get an infestation with these spiders at home if you let them stay for a few months.

Where do barn spiders hide?

Barn spiders often hide in small crevices in the wall of your house or your basement. Since spiders are barely 2 cm tall, they can crawl into almost any hole in the wall. Baby barn spiders have greater versatility to hide in any hole and protect themselves from predators.

What do barn spiders attract to?

The arachnid is attracted to the protection that your home guarantees to be able to reproduce and have its eggs. Your home may be the perfect place for the spider to mate and grow its eggs. You can get an arachnid infestation if you let the eggs hatch.

Spiders can also find a good food source in your home for roaches or other spiders. You can see some cobwebs on the corners of your house where spiders are hunting their prey.

Are barn spiders poisonous?

They are poisonous spiders only for other insects of equal or smaller size, but they are not dangerous for humans. You can take a barn spider and not get in trouble from its poisonous bite. These spiders are very peaceful and will even run from you when you are near their web.

You do not have to worry about barn spiders because it is not dangerous in your life or that of your children. These spiders release mild toxins to humans, do not inflame or cause serious injury.

Do Barn Spiders Bite?

Do Barn Spiders Bite - Image By Flickr

Barn spiders do not bite. They are very peaceful when you try to pick them up. You don’t have to worry about the arachnid at home, and you may hardly ever see them because they are fearful. Barn spiders are usually active at night, where they will hunt their prey with the web.

If you do get a bite from barn spiders, it may be unusual but not worrisome. These spiders do not have a dangerous toxin for your body, so you will not react if they bite you.

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How to Eliminate barn spiders naturally?

For you to get rid of barn spiders naturally, you need to apply these elements:

  • Diatomaceous earth

You can buy and apply some diatomaceous earth to get rid of barn spiders. This natural element can dry out spiders that eat it, causing you to get rid of the pest.

  • Eucalyptus

If you buy some eucalyptus leaves and combine them with water, you will have a great spray against spiders. This spray will not kill barn spiders directly, but it does help you get rid of them.

  • Mint

You can use peppermint as a natural repellent against barn spiders and other animals that are there. The best thing about mint is that you will have a delicious smell in the barn that also works as a shield for spiders.

  • Lavender

Finally, you can turn to lavender to use in the barn are looking to run to spiders. You can have the sheets washed or use some cleaning product made up with the item and apply it in the barn.

How to Prevent Barn Spiders in Your Home

If you want to prevent barn spiders from forming an infestation at home, you should do the following:

  • Clean the barn constantly

You have to promote cleanliness in your barn so that some critters like spiders don’t stay there. If you see cobwebs remove them, so the spiders understand that they are welcome in your barn.

  • Use mothballs

If you want a natural element to avoid barn spiders, you need to use mothballs. You can apply this natural element to the barn floor and just let it repel spiders by its smell.

  • Tobacco compound spray

Buy some tobacco, crush it, and combine it with a little water to make a powerful spider spray. Applying this product in the barn will be very useful because its smell will prevent spiders’ appearance.

  • Saltwater

You can also use salt water on the barn floor to prevent spiders from forming an infestation there. You have to combine the water with salt, pour the product into a spray bottle and apply it to the barn.

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