How To Get Rid Of Bugs In Pineapples Naturally

Get Rid Of Bugs In Pineapples Naturally 2021

If you have pineapple planting, you have to do everything possible to protect it from some insects that will eat it. You have to know a little about pineapple-eating insects, how much damage they do to the fruit, and how you eradicate it. Know which insects are lodge in the pineapples so that you protect them at this time.

You can also learn how to get rid of bugs in pineapples naturally without damaging the fruit. Find out how you can prevent infestation of this type so that your pineapples grow big and strong at home.

Do Insects Live In Pineapples?

Do Insects Live In Pineapples?

When you have a plantation of pineapples or fruit in your dining room, you may have some pests problems. There are a limited number of pests that love the taste and smell of pineapple, so they often eat it. The insects’ infestation in the pineapple reaches the point that the fruit will rot and completely damage.

Many insects can live on pineapples while they are in a state of decomposition. You can see pine cones get damaged more quickly with some insects inside them because their bite is lethal.

Pin Cone Damage Caused By Insects

Pin Cone Damage Caused By Insects

These seed and cone insects can limit seed production in nursery material. The damage that these insects will cause in your field usually varies depending on how large the infestation is. If you do not control this problem, you will lose your pineapples in the field and the entire planting.

Types Of Insects In Pineapples

You can suffer from the infestation of some insects in pineapples, and you must identify them as:

  • Cone beetles

Cone beetles are the main pests that can appear on pineapples and other fruits that you have at home. These beetles are elongated, black in color, and tend to stay on your pineapple for a long time. These beetles’ bite is lethal for the fruit, which usually causes it to rot in a few days.

  • Mites

Spider mites or spider mites are a pest that can fall on your pineapples and kill them completely. This infestation appears in times of drought on your fruits. They are very annoying and lethal with their bite. You can see how the pineapple thins, changes its yellow color to a dull one and rots in a few days.

  • Mealybugs

With the bite of the mealybugs in your pineapple, the leaves and the fruit as such will turn a very opaque color. These mealybugs are very dangerous to almost any type of fruit, so you should take care of your pineapples. The only way you can detect the presence of mealybugs in fruit is by the fruit’s deterioration.

How To Clean Your Pine Cones From Insects?

When you see any of these insects in your pineapples, you will have to clean them with some natural repellents. The main repellent that you can use on fruit is water, which will remove all the insects present. You can make the pest drop by the water’s pressure, and then you have to kill it on the floor.

Insects on pineapples often appear in summer times when the fruit is almost ready. If you are not attentive to your pineapples, you can lose the fruit from this insect’s bite.

How To Get Rid Of Bugs In Pineapples Naturally?

How To Get Rid Of Bugs In Pineapples Naturally

You have to learn how to get rid of bugs in pineapple naturally after completing these steps:

  • Take the insects with your hands and kill them

You have to be aware of the pineapples in your garden, and if you notice the presence of an insect, you have to take it. You can kill the insect with your hands or foot to neutralize the pest on the cones. The monitoring you have to do to the pineapples is for almost the whole day, so you will have problems if you have other obligations.

  • Catch the bugs and release them in a safe area

You can also catch the bugs in the pineapples with your hands, place them in a jar and release it in a safe area. If you don’t have the heart to kill the plague, just run it off your fruit when you see it. With this method, you can enter a vicious circle where the plague returns to take the pineapple again.

  • Bathe your pineapple to get rid of insects

If you notice some insects biting your pineapple, you can get rid of them by bathing the fruit with water. You can use the pressure of the water to loosen the bugs from the pineapple and eliminate them. Beetles are usually the most resistant to these types of threats, so you must kill them with your foot or hands.

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How To Prevent Bugs In Pineapples?

If you have already eliminated a good amount of insects in your pineapple, now you should know how to prevent the plague from appearing again:

  • Use boric acid

You can surround the pineapple in its base with boric acid to prevent some insects from jumping to eat it. If the pineapple has an infestation of ants or mites, this method may work, but if it is of beetles, it will not. Flying insects can avoid passing through the base that is full of borax that will repel it.

  • Apply a little vinegar

You can combine the vinegar with water and sprinkle it on your pineapple so that the insects do not bite it. The mixture must be made up of 20% vinegar and the rest water so that the pineapple is not affected by it either. You should not overdo this natural repellent on the fruit because you could also damage it.

  • Repellent plants are very good

Using insect repellent plants near your pineapple is a good option that you shouldn’t ignore. You have to plant some lavender plants that are insect repellents because of their strong smell.

  • Cut the pineapple ahead of time

If you don’t want the plague to affect your ripe pineapple, you can cut it ahead of time and keep it at home. You can prepare to cut the pineapple ahead of time to avoid letting insects invade it.

  • Cover the pineapple

You could also cover your pineapple with a bag so pests won’t try to infect and rot it. The bag you place on the pineapple should be thick so that the insect cannot penetrate it easily.

Do Pineapples Repel Insects?

Pineapples are excellent natural repellents against mosquitoes and the occasional pest you have at home. If you bake pineapple and let it sit in your kitchen or living room, the smell can kill mosquitoes. This is an excellent repellent against flies that can repel because of its odor that turns out to be unpleasant.

You can smell delicious baked pineapple which can be a very affordable mosquito repellent. Although pineapples suffer from infestation by some pests, they can also combat a good number of bugs.

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