How To Get Rid of Cricket Noise at Night Naturally

How To Get Rid of Cricket Noise at Night Naturally

A warm summer evening is a perfect time to enjoy the sound of crickets and wind chimes.

However, if you are trying to fall asleep at night, the sounds of these insects may not be soothing or relaxing.

You can’t just cover your ears with pillows because it’s unlikely that you will sleep well. How do you get rid of cricket noise?

Why Do Crickets Make Noise at Night?

Why Do Crickets Make Noise at Night?

The sound of chirping crickets is sometimes one that you can hear during the day, but it’s much more common to be able to put up with them at night.

Crickets prefer to play their repertoire at night, even if you can occasionally hear them chirping during the day.

Male crickets do this as a kind of self-defense against aggressive rivals.

In addition, they may attract and impress female crickets with this “skill” of theirs.

Keep in mind that if you silence the love chirps, you may crush a lot of little hearts!

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How To Get Rid of Cricket Noise at Night Naturally

Here are some ways that may help you to get rid of the sounds coming from insects at night.

  • Keep the Chirping Out

– Use earplugs: These will help you to fall asleep without any distractions, even if there are crickets outside your window. 

– Use noise-canceling earplugs: Crickets are loud, but they certainly don’t have to be the only thing you hear. 

– Turn on a fan or keep your window open at night if it’s too hot without one. The moving air will mask any chirping that might take place outside of your room.

– Set up a white noise machine besides your bed if crickets are chirping loudly outside.

– Try to find the cricket and remove it. If you know where they’re coming from, you can shoo them away yourself without having to resort to any of these methods! 

  • Heat

You can also drive crickets away. 

If insects have found their way inside your home, turn on your air conditioner’s cooling setting to make them uncomfortable and leave! 

Additionally, consider using a dehumidifier when the weather is hot and muggy outside. Crickets don’t like dry environments either!

  • Use DIY Cricket Traps

You can create your own cricket trap to use when you’re trying to get rid of the noise they’re making at night.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– An old bucket or trash can with a lid that fits tightly, like one for composting. 

– Water 

– Dish soap

  • Use Cricket Predators into your Garden

There are many species that are a predator of crickets.

Lizards, frogs, birds, and even cats can all help you with your cricket problem. 

You can attract these animals into your yard by adding plants or habitat features that they enjoy living in! 

Crickets will be happy to chirp somewhere else if you make their current home more appealing to other animals.

Birds and cats can be harmful to your garden if you really want them around, but lizards will help keep the cricket population down without eating too many of your plants!

If crickets are a problem in your yard or on your farm, look into adding some predatory creatures that might eat these pests and keep them away from your home.

  • Light

You can also keep crickets from your outdoor lights by keeping them off at night.

If you install thick blackout curtains, they will prevent any cricket chirps that might come from outside of your window from entering the room where you’re trying to sleep.

You can also cover up windows with blinds if shades aren’t an option for you or don’t work as well.

Don’t forget to turn off all of your exterior lights when it starts getting dark outside! 

This will help stop burglars from targeting your home, but they can also keep insects away from the area around it. 

  • Tidy Up Your Garden

If you want to keep crickets out of your outdoor space, make sure that it’s clear of debris like leaves or wood. 

Crickets will search under these things for food and shelter during the day when they’re not chirping; this is how you end up with them inside!

Just getting rid of any fallen leaves on the ground can be a good way to keep crickets from living around your home. 

Not only will this help you with cricket noises, but it may also reduce the number of bugs that come into the house as well!

When you’re tidying up a space outdoors or inside where there are no crickets present, avoid making loud sounds, so they don’t feel like there’s a threat in the area. 

Crickets are easily startled and might stay away from your home if they’re on high alert when you’re working outside it!

  • Vinegar & Salt

Another way to get rid of crickets is to use a mixture of salt and vinegar. 

Crickets will die fast if they come into contact with either one, so mixing these two items together can help you kill them quickly when there’s no other way to take care of the cricket problem!

To get rid of crickets with vinegar, follow these instructions:

– A tablespoon of vinegar to every quart of water should be used (roughly 110ml per liter). 

– The mixture should be poured into a spray bottle. 

– Spray the area where the chirping noises are coming from with a generous amount of insecticide. 

Most crickets will die within a minute of being exposed to vinegar.


I hope this list has helped you find a new way to sleep through the night.

If you’re still struggling with sleeplessness, don’t forget that there are plenty of other techniques out there for getting some shuteye.

Read up on them and try what feels right!

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