How to Get Rid of Grain Weevils in Dog Food

How to Get Rid of grain weevils in dog food

Even if you clean your kitchen carefully, you may discover some tiny insects crawl in the kitchen cabinets. Weevils sneak in with your goods, unlike pests that enter through crevices, windows, and doors. Because the adult weevils can eat through the grains and lay their eggs, it’s nearly hard to detect whether you have bought some items that contain the weevil larvae.

There are About 60,000 species in a family of weevils, and the maize and rice weevils can cause the damage to your house that are yellow or red spots with dark reddish-brown in color. But don’t be concerned! The steps in the following approach will show you how to eliminate grain weevils in dog food.

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What Are Grain Weevils?

What Are Grain Weevils

These are also known as “weevils” and can cause the same problems as other pests.

Weevils are tiny parasitic insects. They are difficult to spot due to their small size (they only span approximately 1/10 inch) and the fact that they can hide in the dry foods.

Grain weevils can be found in oats, flour, cereals, and other pantry items, in addition to dog food. As they proliferate swiftly, these pests will swiftly consume a food supply.

Each time an adult female weevil can lay many eggs, they can attain sexual maturity fast and continue the cycle.

Weevils may get into the places like dog food bags, cereal boxes, and food containers as they are very tiny.

Are the weevils harmful to dogs?

They’re similar to grain beetles in that they’ll only eat the dog food. However, seeing them crawling all over your dog’s food might be boresome.

We advise simply ignoring them because they are safe for both people and dogs. However, if you have a large number of grain weevils, make sure to keep your food safely in the future. Remove as many weevils as possible.

You may also remove the top layer of the dog kibble, which is normally located towards the surface. On a sunny day, you may also place the dog kibble in the sun.

It can repel them and be a good method to get rid of many weevils at once.

Do grain weevils make the dogs sick?

Dogs are not harmed by the grain mites.

Grain weevils aren’t known to harm dogs if the dogs consume them. These are not poisonous or venomous, and they do not sting or bite.

On the other hand, large numbers of weevils may trigger certain responses in your dog, depending on its small size. And smaller dogs will have a bad reaction to ingesting weevils since it will overload their system. Larger canines are capable of handling a lot more.

However, this does not imply you should feed them weevil-infested food, as this feeds fungus and bacteria, both of which are harmful to your dog. Therefore, you must promptly eliminate the grain weevils by discarding the infected dog food.

Don’t waste your time trying to preserve it. The concealed nymphs and eggs will cling to the food scraps. Remove it and replace it with a new food bag. Then, you need to use the right dog food storage method.

Grain weevil in the dog treats

Grain weevils can also be found in the dog treats.

This is similar to what you could discover in the dog’s food. Because the treats are processed and dry, they provide the grain weevils with plenty of carbohydrates (sugar) and nourishment.

It is no surprise when you find them in the dog treats. They might have entered from the outside or directly from the dog food.

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How to Eliminate grain weevil in the dog food Naturally

How to Eliminate grain weevil in the dog food Naturally

  • Check for dog food on a regular basis; getting rid of all grain weevils needs to take some time.
  • Vacuum bags and Garbage should be disposed of outside, away from the house.
  • White vinegar should be used to clean shelves.
  • Vacuum crevices, cracks, and pantry shelves.
  • Any contaminated foods should be thrown away. Grain weevils can eat through cardboard and plastic, so check everything carefully. (We decided to be careful and disposed of anything that was not already securely kept.)

How to Prevent the grain weevils in the dog food

  • Weevils may be deterred by placing little packets of the black pepper near the pantry.
  • Clean the shelves, crevices, and cracks in the pantry on a regular basis.
  • Grain should be stored in airtight glass, metal, or plastic containers (not bags).
  • Purchase a small amount of the grains each time so that your dog can consume them in a short time.
  • To remove any egg, freeze the grains for more than one week (or keep them in the freezer permanently).
  • When buying, inspect every grain.


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