How To Get Rid Of Larder Beetles Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Larder Beetles Naturally

You have to protect your home against all kinds of pests, and in this case, it is against Larder Beetles. These insects are very annoying in your home, so you must learn how to get rid of them naturally. Learn how you can permanently keep Larder Beetles out of your home to avoid infestations.

You must know Larder Beetles thoroughly in appearance to know how to get rid of them. Find out why you have beetles in the pantry, how they enter your home, signs of infestation and what the insect eats. Learn how harmful Larder Beetles are to help yourself eliminate them quickly.

What Are Larder Beetles?

Larder Beetles are those little crawling insects that you will notice on food. These insects are usually tiny, ranging in size from 1mm to 3mm at most. You have to act immediately to eliminate the pest because its infestation in the pantry can bring some diseases.

What do Larder Beetles look like?

What do Larder Beetles look like - Image By naturespot

In appearance, Larder Beetles usually have black, gray, and brown colors that make up their entire body. They have a very flat body and are characterized by having two types of crooked spines in the segment of their body. These beetles can appear in your pantry at any time of year, although the infestation predominates in winter.

Why do you have Larder Beetles?

You can have beetles in the pantry because you have a dirty area with many thrown food that attracts them. You may have kept a package of rice in the open pantry, making it attract the insect. Like Larder Beetles, you too can suffer from a bed bug infestation in the area.

How do they get into your house?

Because beetles of this type are tiny in size, they can enter your home from almost anywhere. These insects also love humidity to attract them if you have problems with leaks at home. If you have a garden, the insect may be attracted to the plants and break into your home.

Signs of pantry beetle infestations

Signs of pantry beetle infestations - Image By Pestkilled

The main sign of an infestation that you will notice with the beetles is that your pantry will be infested with them. You can see how your food packages have holes, and inside them are beetle larvae. It is an unpleasant scene that you will have with these insects, causing you to have a bad time cooking.

You may notice a strong odor that these insects give off as well, giving you another sign of their infestation. Larder Beetles’ remains cannot be missing when the plague dies, but their new generation precedes it.

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What do Larder Beetles eat?

Larder Beetles are crawling, so they can eat anything you have around the house. These insects can feed on almost any food package you have in your pantry. They are insects that can prioritize pasta, rice, grains, and other items that you keep.

Other things that beetles can eat in the pantry are cereals, flour, dog food, among other foods. You must be careful with this insect because they will end up with your foo in a short time, making it detestable. You could have big losses by not controlling the pest in your pantry, so you should try to eliminate them.

Are Larder Beetles harmful?

Are Larder Beetles harmful

When Larder Beetles enter any food package, it can make it undesirable. You will not be able to eat your cereals, rice, pasta eaten by beetles to avoid some diseases. These insects can seriously affect your life, giving you an infection that could even lead to death.

From an aesthetic point of view, having beetles in the pantry is also serious because it detracts from the property. If you want to sell your house, you must try not to have pests, and the beetle is one of them. You must eliminate the plague for your health and economic level to not detract from your property.

How To Eliminate Larder Beetles Naturally?

The ways that you can get rid of Larder Beetles naturally are:

  • Clean the pantry

The first thing you should do to get rid of beetles in the pantry is to clean it completely. The area may be full of pasta, rice, or other foods from the food envelopes’ holes. You have to clean the pantry very well to avoid the appearance of beetles or other insects at home.

  • Seal open food envelopes

You have to seal open food envelopes in the pantry to attract beetles at home. These foods should be sealed with plastic tape so that you can prevent beetles from eating them.

  • Apply diatomaceous earth in the pantry

An effective way that you can repel Larder Beetles is with diatomaceous earth. You can apply a good amount of this natural element to kill the beetles in your pantry. The effect that diatomaceous earth has on beetles is excellent, causing them to suffocate and eventually die.

  • Use salt as a repellent

If you do not have money to buy diatomaceous earth, you can use a natural remedy against beetles, such as salt. You have to combine the water with salt, put it in a spray bottle and apply it to the pantry quickly. This element will cause the beetle to flee the pantry, and those who are there can die asphyxiated.

How To Keep Larder Beetles Away From Your Home Permanently?

For you to keep Larder Beetles away from your home permanently, you must do the following:

  • Never leave open food in the pantry

You should avoid leaving open food in the pantry so that the beetles do not appear there. You must seal the food very well to avoid these insects and other pests such as bed bugs.

  • Try to keep the area clean

You should try to keep the pantry clean at least once a week. You will not attract more insects with a clean pantry, bringing side effects to your home.

  • Apply cleaning products

If you promise to clean the pantry every so often, you can use cleaning products for the process. You can use disinfectant, lavender, bleach, or other elements that will help you keep the area clean and avoid beetles. These insects can fear strong odors, and you have to use them against them at all times.

  • Apply natural repellents

You can place natural repellents inside the pantry to avoid beetles in the area. You can buy cedar oil, mothballs, diatomaceous earth, lavender, or other natural elements. Anything with a strong odor will act positively against beetles in your pantry.

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