How Do Silverfish Get Fungi?

How Do Silverfish Get Fungi?

You have always been paranoid about keeping things clean and tidy. One thing here and there, and you are mad. Some of you might even have OCD that is an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Are you sure your house is clean? No, it’s not just about dust. Have you ever seen silverfish in your house? If yes, you need to read the article carefully, and if not, you need to check out your house carefully.

Do not worry; silverfish do not cause any harm to humans, but still, they can be a menace in the house. The only problem is that these silverfish are attracted to fungus. It is the sign of an unclean house. Another thing is that they keep moving and are nocturnal, nuisance, pest. They might land on the uncovered food and contaminate it. You surely do not want any trespassers in your house. You do not let anybody except your family live rent-free. 

Why Are Silverfish Attracted to Fungus?

Starchy and sugary content is a delicious meal for silverfish. Besides eating grains, paper, etc., another important food is a fungus (mould). It is normal to have wooden furniture in the house. Due to moisture, this furniture developing soft fungus is natural. However, these can become a breeding place for the silverfish.

If you live in a region that receives plenty of rainfall or water accumulation in some parts of your house, it is very likely to have silverfishes. These conditions invite not just silverfish but also other insects. If you see even one single silverfish in your house, it should be an alarm for you.

How Do Silverfish Get Fungi?

Silverfishes are attracted to fungi, and hence any area of the house having fungus means creating a conducive environment for the fungus to breed. The silverfish survive on the fungus, and it is probably their favorite food. Besides, fungus silverfish are also found in dark and warm places with a temperature between 70-90 degrees. Silverfish also have other favorites on their menu. Carbohydrates and proteins extremely tempt them. Cardboard, paper, books, etc., have carbohydrates and dead insects, etc., have proteins.

Leave aside dead insects, but you surely have books, boxes, etc., in your house. Your house might be vulnerable to the silverfish. However, you are on the right page because you shall come across some tips to prevent starfish breeding in your house. Read the points carefully and implement these without fail.

How to Prevent Silverfish From Getting into your house?

How to Prevent Silverfish From Getting into your house - Image By pestcontrolzone

There are ways in which you can prevent these traitors from entering your safe heaven. Let’s check them out.

Store food in the right manner

You cannot prevent yourself from storing food, at least the food grains, etc. You can store it in air-tight containers so that there is no contact to the atmosphere. The silverfish should not smell it.

Decrease the moisture

Humidity is the culprit. It leads to fungus and ultimately silverfish. You can use dehumidifiers to reduce the water content. Besides, you can have ventilation, proper sewage, leaked pipes replaced, etc.

Vacuum the carpet

Silverfish lay eggs in the corners, and regular vacuuming can prevent the multiplication of these.

Pest Control

It is not a proven solution, but you can try it out. It shall be helpful when there are other pests and insects as well.

Fill in the gaps

There should not be a lot of cracks and openings. Maintain it to prevent silverfish.

That’s about it. Do the needful and eliminate the traitors.

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