How Do You Get Carpet Beetles?

How Do You Get Carpet Beetles?

You have to know now about carpet beetles and how to get these insects at home. Find out what are the causes why your home has the beetle and how you can avoid it. You have to protect your home against these critters that can cause a pretty serious infestation.

Find out what carpet beetles can eat and what are the signs of their infestation. You should also know how to keep this pest in check, get rid of it, and have a very clean home.

How Do You Get Carpet Beetles?

You can get carpet beetles inside your furniture, sofas, and even flying on the surface. These bugs are very active at all times; the larvae are in the carpets while the adults will roam your house.

Carpet beetles are slightly attracted to light, which is why you will often see them on windows. You can also see these critters very close to your light bulbs.

What Causes Carpet Beetles?

What Causes Carpet Beetles in your house

The reason why carpet beetles come to your home is a source of food and a home for their larvae. Your home is the best place for the bug to lay its larvae and maintain an infestation line.

The sofa, carpet, furniture, and other such elements are the insect’s main attraction for you to locate immediately. If you let the carpet beetle stay at home, you will certainly have a serious infestation.

Do carpet beetles travel with you?

One way that you can infest your home with carpet beetles is when you carry them with you. This is a very small bug that can cling to your clothes, crawl into laundry baskets or bags. You can also move carpet beetles from your car, where they will later go to your home.

In general, these critters spend their time in gardens feeding on the pollen that your flowers emit. Beetles can cling to your clothes without you realizing it and then enter your home.

What do carpet beetles eat?

What do carpet beetles eat?

These critters can eat anything from nectar, pollen, cloth, synthetics, or even leftover food that you leave at home. The beetle has a very wide diet that, unfortunately, is inside your home. The bug can also feed on wool, leather, hair from your animals, or wool as you leave it on the floor.

The feeding of this bug is frequent, so your wool or leather objects can be damaged quickly. You can see holes in your sofas from the carpet beetles that eat them.

Signs of Carpet Beetle Infestation in Your Home

The infestation of these bugs in your home is very peculiar because you will not detect it until the damage is great. As the beetles feed on the fabric, you can see large holes in your shirts, pants, clothes, etc.

With a large infestation, the bugs will be able to move freely in your house, eating everything that comes their way. You have to worry about this pest’s infestation and try to avoid it as soon as possible.

Carpet beetle control

Carpet beetle control

To keep a check on carpet beetles, you will have to use natural repellents like vinegar. You can use borax as part of your implements to get rid of the bug at home. These critters can’t stand strong odors, so lavender, rosemary, and mint can also be used to kill them.

You will need to eliminate carpet beetles from their larval stage to avoid this infestation. You can clean your house, sofas, and wardrobe to eliminate the plague from time to time.

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