How Fast Do Bed Bugs Move?

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Move?

Although they are tiny in body, bed bugs are very good at hiding in your home, especially in your bedroom. Since bed bugs feed on human blood, they like to stay close to their host, and the room will always be the ideal place. And being in that space, they will do everything possible to get to your bed.

But still, many people wonder how bed bugs, which are such a small insect, can get on the bed. The reality is that although bed bugs do not have the necessary legs to jump, they do not fly either. However, having six legs, they have the peculiarity of moving quickly through any space.

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Move?

Bed bugs generally crawl, and once they occupy your home, they can become very nasty insects. Bed bugs can travel quickly through humans, by crawling on your clothing, luggage, in your car, or on other items that are kept near you.

These insects can crawl between three to four feet per minute, regardless of the type of surface. Although this average does not seem very fast, this insect’s speed is close to an average adult running.

Experts have compared the speed of bed bugs to the speed of ants. They are very quick to find a hiding place or get on the bed without you noticing.

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

Bed bugs can live in any space, but they prefer those where they can be close to their host. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects so that they will use dark areas as hiding places such as screams and crevices.

This insect is so clever, can crawl into your bed to feed on you while you sleep. But aside from your bed, bed bugs can be on your couch, on furniture, on the walls, in your closet, on your clothes, and even in your car.

When noticing a bed bug infestation, your bedroom should be the first place that you thoroughly check:

– In the head of the screws

– At the junction of the wall and ceiling

– At the joint of the drawers

– In the seams of the chairs

– In the folds of the curtains

How Fast Do Bed Bugs lay?

Female bed bugs can lay between one to 7 eggs per day, but they do this after feeding on human blood. For female bed bugs, mating is a bit tricky as it can cause injury. During their entire lives, female bed bugs can lay up to 250 eggs.

Once the female bed bug eggs have been laid, they take 17 days to hatch. When the eggs hatch, they are called nymphs; their maturation will depend on their temperature. In warm temperatures, nymphs can reach maturity in 21 days.

Just how Do Bed Bugs Spread Quickly?

And once bed bugs are actually in the house, they’ll usually spread from apartment to apartment, or perhaps even from one apartment to the next.

If you discover them in the bedroom of yours and choose to sleep on the couch so that the bed bugs can’t bite you, they will find you after a few nights because the thirst for blood will increase.

And they move through cracks, holes, or door frames in the walls, ceilings, windows, and floors.

They can contaminate the wood furniture in your home by laying their eggs in cracks and recesses. When that furniture is moved, they might hatch in the furniture’s location.

The eggs are able to continue to be viable for many years, and in case they are in the house, you need to contact an exterminator instantly.

The Bed Bugs Sign

Bed bugs can enter your home without you realizing it, but after an infestation, there will be many signs that cannot go unnoticed:

– Waking up with red bite-like spots

– The bites will be linear across your skin

– You will notice an odor similar to humidity in your home

– You will see blood stains on your bedding

– On the mattress, you may notice dark spots, similar to rust

– You may find dark spots on your wall

– You will find bed bug shells

If your neighbors have had a recent bed bug infestation, or you bought second-hand furniture, chances are these bugs are living in your home.

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