How Long Can Bed Bugs Live In An Empty House?

How Long Can Bed Bugs Live In An Empty House

Find out how long bed bugs can live without human presence and see how resistant the insect is. Learn how to check for bed bugs in an empty house that you intend to buy.

Know how quickly bed bugs can spread from room to room when there are many people in the home. Bed bugs are insects that you should fear, so you must do everything necessary to eliminate them from your home.

How Long Do The Bed Bugs Live In An Empty House?

For you to know how long a bed bug can live in an empty house, you must take some characteristics such as:

  • What you have around you

A bed bug can live in an empty house for a long time if what is around it serves as food. Bed bugs target human blood, although in severe cases, the bug can bite dogs. This parasitic insect can also eat food chips or some fruits only by not starving.

  • Weather

Bed bugs can live peacefully in a warm climate, while cold temperatures are unpleasant. If the house is uninhabited and the winter is strong, bed bugs may die from lack of heat. Something important is where the bed bugs live; they can shield or not withstand these low temperatures.

In short, if the bed bugs have a place to feed and are in a good climate, they may last one year. An adult bed bug can go longer without eating than a young bed bug or larva. Bed bugs are likely to go to another home if they do not detect a human presence that serves to bite and feed.

How To Inspect For Bed bugs In An Empty House?

The correct way in which you can check for bed bugs in an empty house focuses on:

  • Larvae with the naked eye

When the house is uninhabited, the bed bugs do not worry about reproducing and leaving the larvae in plain sight. The insect could produce two larvae a day to see a lot if the house was alone for a long time.

  • Dead bugs

In this process, the house was empty for sure many bed bugs died due to not being able to feed regularly. You can see many young dead bed bugs on the floor that did not last long without food.

  • Bloodstains

When bed bugs defecate, they leave red dots that are bloodstains, residues of what they ate. You can see the stains on the floor, wall, ceiling, or some real estate that the house’s old owners left.

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How Fast Do They Spread From Room To Room?

When bed bugs can’t find a place to eat, they do everything to spread from one room to another in your home. It is a persistent insect that will always seek to feed on your blood no matter where you are. You can leave a room for bed bug infestation, and the bug will only spread to the closest one or a house.

The insect’s spread can be in 3 months because young bed bugs need to feed more often. Depending on the number of people living in your house, the insect’s spread may be faster.

You should fear bed bugs and do everything you can to get rid of them when you detect them in your home. When you buy a new property, you must verify that the parasitic insect does not propagate the site. You can contact pest control experts and clean the entire property before moving in to avoid these insects.

Exactly how Long Do Bed Bugs Hibernate?

The Bed bugs, like other insects, can hibernate throughout many winters. They could also go right into a type of semi-hibernation, conserving the energy when food is limited.

The main factor of hibernation is usually to save energy and work with it for essential functions instead of moving around. And a bed bug which has fed could live for about 300 to 485 days, based on the species.

That said, bed bugs outside do not seem to endure that very long. It depends on the temperature. And the warmer the weather, the faster they’ll breed; after they breed and lay the eggs, their life cycle is the end. So, the common life cycle is about four and a half months.

And bed bugs could gladly hold out for a brand new tenant to move into their house or apartment.

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Breed?

The bed bugs can breed exceptionally fast. Based on the Clinical Microbiology study, bed bugs lay about 5 to 8 eggs per week, and it will do that until eighteen weeks.

The life cycle varies, typically based on temperature, although eggs are going to hatch in around 10 days. In 2 weeks, time, they are going to be prepared to breed again. And you can imagine how fast the population can explode in the weather when the life cycles are even shorter.

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