Can Bed Bugs Live In Water?

do bed bugs live in water?

The bed bug is an exposure pest, which is more common than you think. Although bed bugs are very persistent insects, water can compromise their movement or even life.

See how the pest acts when you are in the water and how it seeks to cling to your body or clothing. Find out how long the bed bug can last in the water and how rare it is to see the bug in this habitat.

Can bed bugs swim?

Bed bugs for generations have a simple habit where they can exist in solid, dry areas like your home. You should know that bed bugs cannot live in water; they do not have the physical or motivational capacity to live in water.

The bed bug’s motivation is human blood, and it is the main reason they would throw themselves into the water. The insect is very intelligent, but it may follow you if it is desperate for food and exposed to the water. As it is not their habitat, the bed bug can die in this process, they are not agile swimmers, so their lives are hanging by a thread.

Something incredible that the insect can do is cling to the clothes that you wear to bathe in water storage such as swimming pool, well, etc. The bed bug withstands high water pressures when you go into the water to bite you. However, this is rare, if possible, because a bedbug desperate to suck your blood will do anything.

How Long Do Bed Bugs Live in Water?

The bed bug time of life in water is very short. As it is not the parasitic insect’s natural habitat, it may last hours or seconds swimming. The bed bug’s life span depends on whether it can cling to a floating object or your body.

It is highly unlikely that you will see a bed bug swimming for two reasons: its habitat is your home, which goes on for generations. The average bed bug knows very little in its adult stage because it does not leave its comfort zone, which would be your room. For a bed bug to leave this area, you must use repellants that take it out of its habitat and go outdoors.

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How To Eliminate Bed Bugs With Some DIY Methods?

You should use some DIY methods to get rid of bed bugs that inhabit your house:

  • Wash your clothes

You can wash your clothes regularly, seeking to eliminate the bed bug infestation within these garments. You don’t have to leave a dirty garment on your bed for more than three days because this attracts bed bugs.

  • Clean your bed with steam

You can remove all the bed bugs that live in your be with a vacuum cleaner, and you had not detected. You must expose the insect to more than 140 degrees to kill them and thus reduce the infestation.

  • Strong odors

Bed bugs hate some remedies, and you can use it as a weapon to get rid of them at home. You can use lavender, tree oil, Indian lilac, mint leaves, or other natural elements that you have. You can apply all these essences in the crevices that are in your room, near the bed or do a complete cleaning.

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