How Long Can Mice Go Without Food?

How Long Can Mice Go Without Food

It is time for you to learn about mice and how they can survive without food or water at home. You can plan to get rid of the animal by cutting off its power supply, although you should know that they are very resistant.

You must solve your doubts and know how long mice can go without food while living in your house. Find out how long the rodent can go without drinking water so you can plan to kill the infestation.

How Long Can Mice Go Without Food?

A Mouse can’t live for long periods without consuming any food. In fact, they can only live for about 2 to 3 days without food that means they need to eat food regularly.

When you have an infestation of mice at home, you should know how long they can go without food, taking into account that:

  • The rodent does not have constant food

If the rodent does not have a constant diet, its life may extend for weeks or months. These animals must eat every day to conserve their energy and mate in due course.

  • The infestation is very large, and food is scarce.

If the mouse infestation is very large and food is scarce, this can drastically affect the rodent. A mouse living in these conditions can live a week at most and die from lack of food.

  • The house is abandoned.

When the house is abandoned, the rodent can have a life limited to less than four days. These are the most extreme conditions in which mice can, with the passage of days without food, their energy will collapse.

How Long Can Mice Go Without Water?

How Long Can Mice Go Without Water - Image By pet-mice

If you are looking to get rid of mice by cutting off your water supply, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Foods made up of liquids

If the mouse looks for foods with liquids like fruits or meats, this can work to survive without water. You have to cut off all water flow for the insect to die of dehydration.

  • Water flows outside the home.

The mouse can search for other water streams outside the home to preserve its life and maintain its infestation at home.

  • Moisture between the walls

In extreme cases, the insect can seek the moisture generated between the walls to not die from dehydration. You can have the infestation for a long time if you do not correct this problem at home. In general, mice can live without water for less than one week until they die.

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Mice Can Survive in Some Water Conditions

The water can’t come from a visible source for mouses to drink. Mice can drink the water from indirect or direct methods, as they get the necessary moisture.

Direct water

Mice in the wild can drink directly from puddles, lakes, streams, and others. The water left behind in water in drains, sinks, and frequently other neglected places such as pet water dishes will provide them with water.

Indirect Water

Mice that do not drink the water directly will also survive. As previously mentioned, they get the moisture from the food they consume and hydrate themselves according to their needs. Though Some food is too dry for people to eat, it includes a lot of water that is enough for a mouse to survive.

How much water do mice consume every day?

For a mouse to survive, any clean water source is enough. Adult mice can drink about 24-35 ml of the water each day if the weather is excessively hot. For adult mice, the normal water consumption depends on the body weight, and per 100 grams needs about 10 ml water. 

What exactly do mice eat?

Mouses love to eat all kinds of food. But, different places have different answers to this question. Because the mouses from wild nature, city and urban can eat different food.

Rural mice can eat something, even carcasses if they come across them. Wild mice in open gardens are most likely to be vegetarians, nibbling on vegetables, fruits, seeds, or plants. And the city or urban rodents live in the trash and love to consume the meat. They even eat whatever food they come across.


If you seek to eliminate mice at home, you must consider the tolerance period without water or food. One week is the standard period in which the rodent can survive without a source of water or food. You need to make some adjustments at home to remove these rodents’ supplies and eliminate the infestation.

Mice are pretty tough animals, although you can put your life on the line by knowing how to eliminate their food. If the mouse does not eat in 2 days, its movements will slow down and be easier to catch. You can take advantage of this state of the mouse to catch it using traps made up of irresistible bait.

If the mouse feeds but does not drink water, this can also affect it as long as the food supply is dry. If the rodent feeds on fruits, you should know that its composition in liquids is high, which will benefit the mouse’s life.

You can feed the mice dry cheese and interrupt their absorption of fluids to kill them with dehydration. With water and food, you can kill the rodent; you have to consider its tolerance period.

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