How Long Do Daddy Long Legs Live?

How Long Do Daddy Long Legs Live

As the most common arachnids in any ecosystem or space, the life cycle of daddy long legs is the information we must know. It is always common to get some of these species at home, so having a little information about their life can be very useful.

We present the information with precise data regarding how long they live, if they can survive without food and what type of diet they need. In this way, you will have the necessary knowledge to understand these arachnids and be calm if you get one of them in your spaces.

How long do daddy long legs live?

Undoubtedly, at some point, you have wondered how long daddy long legs live due to any need to investigate or these arachnids in your spaces. Although this species is well known, there is still no exact data on its life span; some people even claim that its legs can live longer than the rest of the insect’s body.

However, this statement is not true, since immediately when the daddy long legs die, its legs are the first to stop receiving blood. Thus, they remain immobile, and so they retract and deform from their original shape. Daddy long legs are arachnids that move directly on their legs, but these individuals need oxygen and circulating compound to continue moving.

How Long Do They Live Without Food?

One characteristic that stands out of these arachnids is the possibility of surviving for days, or even weeks, eating no food. The reason, your body, can make food reserves, enough nutrients and water to guarantee its survival. In this way, depending on the Daddy long legs, they can last long periods of life without eating food.

If you doubt, this makes them resistant to different conditions to which they may be subjected. They can even hide for days, weeks, and studies have shown that some survive for years without food. With this property, your body is problematic due to this ability to store reserves found only in these insects.

Cellar Daddy long legs Lifespan

The Cellar Daddy long legs are one of the most common species that can be found indoors. It is common in homes to get these arachnids inside boxes, different stored products, and closed spaces such as basements. Hence the peculiar name of this species within its classification.

To learn about these daddy long legs, females have a life cycle of between 5 and 6 years, making them very durable. Otherwise, the males only reach a maximum time of 1 year and a half of life because they die immediately after coupling. Therefore, females can reproduce quickly and have a longer life span than males.

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What do daddy long legs eat?

They can eat for food, some of these arachnids are carnivorous, and within their webs, they can take their prey, holding them and injecting their venom to later feed on them. Undoubtedly, this means they have different insects for their food, easily trapped in their traps or fabrics.

Although the most common daddy long legs use these means of trapping prey for their food, some daddy long legs only consume plant matter. In this way, they feed on plants, common in open spaces where they coexist with different vegetation types. Undoubtedly, within these daddy long legs’ species, it is possible to obtain both types in different ecosystems without problems.

Studies of both types of food in daddy long legs have shown that consuming only plant material for their food has a longer life span. Unlike carnivores, they survive longer and can last for years in their ecosystems. But carnivores’ life span is considerably reduced, being the main difference between this species’s arachnids.

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