How Long Do House Spiders Live?

How Long Do House Spiders Live?

In this article, we will discuss how abundant do home spiders exist in one place. Also, we will discuss the life sequence stage of spiders, are the house spiders threatening, and more frequently asked questions.

How long does house spider live for?

The average span of the house spider is anywhere from one year to two years. This might be quite long-lasting for a spider to live in someone’s house. The longevity of a particular spider will depend on nature where it is living. That is because different spiders can live in different natures.

The total life span will depend on the breed of the spider along with its species. A spider is a creature that has many eyes and had eight legs. There are many ways in which one can try to get rid of them from their house.

What are the life circle stages of a spider?

What are the life circle stages of a spider

There is a different kind of spiders in nature, and each of them has a different cycle. Here is the list of different life cycle stages that different spiders do.


Female spiders lay a couple of dozen eggs at one time, and many encase the eggs of theirs in their egg sacs. It requires a couple of days for all the eggs to hatch, plus several female spiders will guard their sacs until that occurs, and the others may leave for a short time after laying their eggs. Egg sacs tend to be kept in the dark, secluded parts in the home, like cellars, garages, and basements.


While the spiderlings hatch, they are like tiny adult spiders, with so many legs, eyes, in addition to a smaller-sized abdomen. And these young spiders are generally black, brown, or perhaps grey without any distinct features.

Special to the house spiders is the point that the small ones are able to spend about 10 days hanging onto the back of female spiders. Nevertheless, spiderlings are generally not dependent on the mothers of theirs and can start the life of theirs on their own. And they leave the siblings of theirs and move off to look for a house of their own.

Adult Spiders

  •  Black widow

These spiders are commonly spotted in Arizona and Texas regions which are very hot, and these spiders are venomous. The spiders can prevail for about three years when they are left alone with no partner.

  •  Barn funnel weaver

Barn funnel weaver is the most usual kind of hose spiders that one has in their house. These spiders can live for about five to seven years in your home, and they make funnel-shaped web to catch their prey.

  •  Wolf spiders

These are the most regular spider found in every country, and the species depend on the region. They are brown, and they live for one year if they are not with their partner.

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Are the house spiders threatening?

Most of the house spiders which you encounter are friendly, and they will not hurt you. This is because they only need some corner space in which they can live happily without being disturbed. These spiders do not have much venom in them, so even if you get bit, it will only irritate.

But most of the time, they tend to run away when someone approaches them. They can prove to be good for your house as they will eat pests and insects to feed themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions that many people ask regarding these spiders.

 How abundant do home spiders without food?

The house spider in your house can live 6 – 8 weeks without any food.

 How long do wild spiders live?

Most of the wild spider is found live up to two years alone or with a partner. Some of the wild spiders are known to live around 20 years maximum.

 Do spiders evolve into dirty houses?

The spiders do not get attracted to a messy place as they can hide there for some time. They prefer to stay in a corner that is clean to build up their web.

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