How Long Do Wasps Live?

How Long Do Wasps Live

No matter how many people are disgusted by even mention of wasps, or any bug or insect for that matter, which is too many people, some people out there are truly into knowing all about them. Some people are intrigued by the altogether world of insects within our world, but we shed so little attention towards it. It is depressing if you think long enough about our apathy towards that little world of how long do wasps live that goes on the same way as the human world does. But anyway, they do not think about humans that much either. 

Alright, drifted a little off-topic there. Many people out there live for these little facts that people discover about the little fascinating another world. Let’s dive a little deep into the world.          

Wasp Seasonality

Wasps across the seasons of a year show different behavioral patterns that scientists have discovered. Wasps hibernate in the winter season to find some warmth anywhere in the world when everywhere is cold. Very few wasps survive the chilly cold and their death by being eaten by predators and move on to the spring season. The wasp season officially begins in April, when the queen wasp and others look for shelters – places that people do not often visit.

From April-end to May, they build their hives and focus entirely on increasing their population. Their full-fledged population (colony) is complete by June or July. In August or September, the queen wasp flies away to produce more queens, and the drones, in its absence, become aggressive and fly away. That is when they are the most active, and their season officially ends. 

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The Wasp Life Cycle

Here is how the life of wasps goes:

  • There is a queen wasp who leads the others and builds a colony later. This queen initially lays eggs in a wax cell. These cells will grow up to be her first worker wasps. These eggs will manage the other cells later in their lives, for they are the seniors. The queen gives 200-300 eggs per day for some time.
  • The number of wasps increases to 500 in spring and can even reach 1000 during summer. This remarks on the process of expanding the queen’s colony to survive an entire population. 
  • The queen now begins giving birth to new queens and fertile wasps (male). The colony is big enough for a season now. 
  • Winter marks the end of the whole colony because of the winter. Before that, though, they live their lives to the fullest =, feeding on sugary foods and fruits.

How long do wasps live?

It is different from answering this question since there are so many kinds of wasps. However, in general, a queen wasp lives from autumn or winter of one year till the next winter after it has produced more queens and male wasps. So, it lives about 10-12 months. Other wasps last for only a few weeks before they break free from their hive and die with the chilly winds.

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