How to Attract Starlings?

How to Attract Starlings

Many people find starlings to be a nuisance.

How can you change their minds? How about by attracting them instead of driving them away! How do you do it?

Read on and we’ll give you some ideas.

Where can Starlings be Found?

Starlings can be found in many different places.

One of the most common place starlings can be seen is around cities and towns, where they often flock to trees for shelter.

While starlings typically don’t like living out in open spaces without any cover or other starling flocks nearby, it isn’t uncommon to see them hanging around fields and highways.

They are also attracted to light and can often be found around streetlights or other lit up areas.

How to attract starlings?

There are a number of starling-friendly tips you can follow to make your yard more attractive.

First, choose the right dietary supplements for starlings in order to attract them.

For example, if they are available where you live, planting milkweed flowers will provide starlings with nectar and insects that they eat during their migration along the East Coast.

In addition, be sure to properly install a bird feeder in your yard. This will give starlings a place to eat and drink while they are visiting.

Make sure that you also get rid of any dangers in your yard that could harm starlings.

For example, keep cats indoors and trim tree branches so they don’t hang over your house.

You can also attract starlings with music!

Play recordings of starling songs or install a starling-friendly birdhouse to your yard.

Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t feed them to your baby. Starlings can carry harmful diseases that could be dangerous for your child.

By following these tips, you can help make your yard more starling-friendly and attract these beautiful birds!

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There are many ways to attract starlings, but one of the most common is by feeding them.

Starling’s diets are easy to please because they eat a wide variety of things!

You can feed them peanut butter, cracked corn, mealworms and suet among other foods that will keep them coming back for more.

A good bird feeder should be all you need to get these birds over to your backyard in no time at all


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