How To Get Rid Of A Ghost

how to get rid of a ghost

Are you having instincts of something not right happening in the place where you are residing? Have you ever noticed any shadows from a side glance and then it disappears when looking there? Are you also haunted because you are facing some paranormal activities?

Well, it only feels thrilling while listening, but the one who encounters a ghost or is just feeling some paranormal things happening around them can be very bloodcurdling.  However, if the spirits enter or if once persuades at a place, then it becomes challenging to get rid of them quickly as they become powerful along with time. Fortunately, there are sacred rituals, that can help in removing the abound ghosts.

But we are continuously talking about the spirits and ghosts don’t you think that we should first become clear about the fact that what ghosts are.

What is a Ghost?

According to the folk fare, a ghost is described as an essence of a dead person or animal that can appear in real life. The people believe in the existences of the spirits based on the fact that the soul can even live even after the body’s death. Also, many people have faced the ghost in their lives and seen them with their own eyes. Although there is not any scientific explanation yet if you also believe in the existence of ghosts, then you are not the only one.

To deem on this fact is not that much tricky because many people are out there all around the world who claim to communicate with the souls.

Best Ways to Get Rid of a Ghost

If you are observing some strange things happening around you, or you are feeling haunted then before getting panic and seeking for the help, first performs a various set of things that are recapitulated below:

There are in total of four steps that here you will require to done and that are:

  1. Cleansing the place

Cleansing is the main thing that you should do to get rid of the ghosts. But it’ll not take the regular cleansing that we usually maintain at our home but somewhat different from the daily cleansing. This particular type of cleansing involves the practice of smudging, prayers, and casting a circle.

  • Here in practice, smudging, the herbs from the tradition of native America are burnt. This method is usually used to purify the body emotionally and spiritually. The practice is known to cleanse the things having negative vibes in it. Smudge sticks are readily available at the stores, or even you can make them by yourself as well.
  • Prayers

Now, as per our rituals, the prayers are done along with smudging to cleanse and also to worship the god. AS the next step is communicating with the unwanted souls and spirits, therefore, it is crucial to call upon the god, and pure, sacred souls, so that they can enlighten the lost or trapped soul.

  • Casting a circle: You may have seen in the movies that how the people sit in a circle holding hands in hand. It is to hold hands while making a circle; it is because a sacred place is created between those circles. The ring catches hold of the energy, and it remains between that circles.  In that circle, no bad energy can enter, and thus, the people are safe from any harm.
  1. Communication: The communication involves two things whether to ask the unwanted spirit to leave or order to leave. Some phrases are commonly used like it’s time for you to go, or this is not your place, etc. The time depends on the spirit itself; if you are facing a stubborn soul, then it may time to make them a force to go.
  2. Banishing: if the communication method doesn’t work in the case, only then the banishing is performed. This step is only used for the malicious spirits who intend to harm others. But here it is the time when you should seek help from the paranormal experts. It is because they know how to bind these types of spirits to leave.

Apart from the above method, other things are necessary while performing these activities.

Candles: Candles are the source of positive energy.

Salt:  spread some salt at the entrance of your house will keep the negative spirits out.

Protection from Haunting

There are some steps that you can follow to keep protection from the ghosts. If your house is haunted, then it is necessary to keep yourself protected.

Are you aware of what a psychic attack is? When a thing attacks a person intending to cause harm, it is known as a psychic attack. It can be either by a living person or a ghost. The unwanted spirits may intend to make a psychic attack on you. If you are under physic attack, then do you know what it means? Well, it means that the ghost wants to break through your aura by the purpose of harming you. Once the ghost penetrated your aura, it can hurt you physically as well as spiritually.

Well don’t get scared, here I have mentioned some of the ways by which you can keep your aura healthy and pure.

  • Always sprinkle yourself and your home with some holy water using a spray bottle. It will keep you protected from the negative energies.
  • Always give your body a few couples of minutes to have sunlight and also keep your house windows open during the day, so that the sunlight can reach your home. It is because the negative spirits become weak in the light of the sun, and that’s why they don’t like sunrays to fall on them.
  • Give time to god by prayers in morning and evening. It spread positive energies in the house.

Apart from all these, some jewels are meant for encouraging the positive energies in and around you. You can carry these along with you in your pocket that can protect you from negative vibes around you.

The main thing is to protect your aura from being pierced; therefore, you should always be aware of the things happening around you as it is still better to analyze the situations than facing problems in the future.

Author Ethan