How To Get Rid Of Banana Spiders Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Banana Spiders NaturallyHow To Get Rid Of Banana Spiders Naturally

Banana spiders are a species of spider that often confuses. Many of these species are very poisonous, and others only produce a painful sting but are not dangerous. Brazilian wandering banana spiders are among the most poisonous globally, and their bite can be deadly, especially for children.

Banana spiders in the United States may bite, but their bite is not as dangerous or harmful as other spiders. It can feed on insects such as beetles, flies, and dragonflies. Do you want to know more about banana spiders? Here’s how to get rid of them naturally.

What Are The Banana Spiders?

The banana spiders that live in the United States are large and bright in color. Its scientific name is Nephila clavipes. They can create extremely large, tangled, and strong networks. They can grow up to 2 inches in size without poking the leg extensions.

It is also known as the Golden Orb and is one of the country’s largest weaver spiders. Their colors may vary but are generally yellow, red, and black. The name does not come from the body color but from the silk they produce for their fabrics.

Experts say that your silk’s golden/yellow color is for protection because this coloration is difficult to see in open and sunny areas. You can find them in the southeastern parts of the United States and where the climate is warmer. You should not get too close because they can bite if you provoke them. Other names, including: 

  • Giant wood spider
  • Calico spider
  • Golden silk spider
  • Golden Seat Orb Weaver

Problems Caused By Banana Spiders

One of the problems with banana spiders is that they bite humans. All scientists claim that spiders are shy and do not stay in contact with people. For them to bite you, you must annoy and scare them, that they feel threatened. Try not to pinch or hold them.

The bites of these spiders are very annoying and uncomfortable, but those that live in the United States are not as dangerous as other spiders.

Where Are They Hiding?

Banana spiders can usually be found in open spaces and forests. You can see that the males appear in July, and the females can continue in late summer to early fall. Cyclists and trail runners are most likely to encounter these banana spiders head-on.

They weave their fabrics in places where flying insects are most found, such as bushes and trees. That is why you are likely to find them at eye level and even higher. They usually live in warm places and find them in North Carolina, western California, and Texas.

Although they are spiders that are outside, they can find their way and get inside your house. Inside your home, banana spiders can hide in dark, quiet places like closets, basements, and crawlspaces.

What Do Banana Spiders Eat?

This spider species eats flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, moths, bees, wasps, small butterflies, etc.

Signs of banana spider infestation

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Inside the house, it isn’t easy to detect them if they have not made their network. They travel in supermarket fruits or fruit bags.

How To Get Rid Of Banana Spiders Naturally

Have you noticed that you have banana spiders in your home? You can seek help from a professional to get rid of them correctly because they are often intimidating. These spiders prefer to be outdoors and have their webs in places where their prey is close.

You can try the following tips to remove banana spiders naturally:

  • The first thing to do is to inspect your entire home for cobwebs.
  • If you find them, you must knock them down; remember not to do it with your hand to avoid that this spider can bite you. By not having a web, the spiders will go elsewhere.
  • You can use essential oils. Most insects hate the smell of oils like peppermint, lavender, etc.
  • Use white vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and vinegar and spray it on the corners, crevices, and crevices of your home. Be careful using this mixture on surfaces that have varnish because vinegar can damage their appearance.
  • You can use an insecticide or sprays when you see a spider in front of you.

How To Prevent Banana Spiders From Invading Your Home

When you are sure that you have removed the banana spiders, you should prevent them from entering your home again. You can use the following tips to keep your home protected;

  • Protect the exterior of your home.

You should move any objects where this banana spider can hide on the outer walls of your house.

  • Remove leaves, grass, and vegetation near your home.

These spiders love bushes, vegetation, so you need to clean the entire area and the entire garden to prevent them from being around.

  • Seal cracks and crevices

You should check your doors, windows, and walls for cracks, crevices, or holes where banana spiders can enter. Caulk any cracks, and it will prevent insects from reaching your home. Cover any broken vents and use fine mesh on chimneys.

  • Clean frequently

Keeping your home tidy and clean will ward off insects and banana spiders. Rabies look for dark places where they can hide. If you keep your house clean, they will not be able to hide for long.

You can use plastic containers for storage instead of using cardboard boxes. These containers are more difficult for spiders and will not be able to enter. Dust and vacuum regularly so you can remove any unwanted netting in your home.

  • You can plant a eucalyptus tree in your garden or patio.

It is a tree that does not need much maintenance and has a pleasant smell. The strong smell of eucalyptus will repel spiders. You can also plant mint or lavender, and it will have the same effect. They are strong odors that will keep spiders away.

Any of these tips will help you stay safe at home and get rid of banana spiders safely and naturally. If you notice that the infestation is very large or afraid of spiders, you should seek a professional’s help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually are banana spiders dangerous?

The banana spiders are moderate to huge in the size that is up to gender and will spin strong, big webs. They usually do not bite humans unless threatened. The bite of theirs is able to aggravate the epidermis, but doctors do not think about them as venomous as additional biting spiders.

Do the bananas have the spider eggs?

Several unspecified spider species lays the eggs in the banana blossoms, and the eggs wind up inside the ripe banana berry. Also, several spiders will overtake you in case you consume the bananas with the eggs. The name is utilized for every other tropical spider present in banana shipments.

Exactly how long can the banana spiders live?

Females may change male partners and web sites throughout the adulthood of theirs. After the last molt, females are able to live as much as a month, while the male spiders can live about 2-3 weeks. And banana spiders have one production per season in North America. The good web of banana bots is complicated.

Just how many eggs do the banana spiders have?

And the egg sacs are nearly round in form and as much as twenty-five mm in diameter, and each has 300-1400 eggs. Meanwhile, the females connect their egg sacs to just one side of their net Eggs hatch in the fall, but spiderlings remain in the sac in the winter and come out in the spring.

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