How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Car

Do You Have Bedbugs In Your Car

Bed bugs are traveling insects, you can find them in many places in your house, although they do not fly, they move very fast on walls, floors or ceilings. If there is an infestation in your neighborhood, it will likely reach your home and car.

These insects can live on your mattress, stick to your clothes, live on your carpet, be in your luggage, live on your pets, and live in your car. In this way, they will have easy access to anywhere you go.

If you have noticed that you have bed bug problems in your house, you should frequently check your car to avoid these unpleasant insects. Below you can learn a little more about this topic and how you can get rid of these little bugs from your car.

How Did Bed Bugs Get In Your Car?

As mentioned, bedbugs are insects that travel and can enter your home through various options. They can come from a sofa, a piece of furniture, a mattress, an infestation near your neighborhood, and even a person near an infestation can be a carrier.

Bedbugs do not like heat, so they cling to clothing and thus get your car.

Signs of The Bed Bugs Infestation in Your Car

If you find the small red bumps on your skin that you cannot explain, it may be a sign that you have the infestation of bed bugs near you. But to be more sure that they come from your car you should look for small rusty spots, droppings or decaying bedbugs.

You can also look for parasites in your car seats’ seams, even under the seats, and in the floor’s corners. That is, you must inspect your car as you would in your room. The steps you can take are:

  • You should remove all the clutter and trash from your car, where bedbugs can hide.
  • Look for signs of bedbugs, as mentioned you should look for dark spots and red blood spots. Another obvious point is the exoskeleton.
  • You must do a full inspection to look for traces of bedbugs in the glove box, seat seams, under the seats, and on the console, etc.
  • You can use duct tape to check the rugs, rugs, and around your seats. You should press the tape in every crack you see. Bedbugs that are younger are harder to see, so you should check well and examine carefully.

If you find signs of bedbugs, you should not despair; you need to find the most appropriate solution to get rid of them correctly.

How Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Car?

Yes, bed bugs live on your carpet, but they can also live in various places in your home, such as sofas, drawers, rugs, and cabinets. Although it seems complicated and often goes unnoticed, bed bugs can infest your car.

If you live in a hot area, your car will likely get too hot and kill these pests. If your car is in constant use and finds your nutrients (human blood), they can survive in your car, and Bed bugs can withstand temperatures ranging from 117 ° F to 47 ° C.

These little pests are cold hardy, which means they can stay active even in freezing points until they find some heat. But if you live in a very cold place and don’t use your car frequently, bedbugs will have no chance of survival.

How to Remove Bed Bugs in your Car?

These pests can infest hotels, movie theaters, schools, offices, etc. They can survive anywhere. If they enter your car, they can cause an infestation quickly.

But you shouldn’t worry because several safe and effective treatments allow you to get these pesky pests out of your car. You can keep your car bed bug free and prevent infestation. Among the methods you can use are:

  • Clean your car

The first thing you want to do is to remove all the rugs and seat covers and proceed to wash them. You must dry them in the dryer to kill any bedbugs and eggs that may be left out. Then vacuum all over your car and upholstery before replacing rugs and covers.

Vacuum all seats, the floor of your car, and under the seats.

You can remove and clean the mats with shampoo like the seats and dry in the sun. You can also use steam inside your car, and if you do not have one of these, you can hire a professional

  • You can use insecticide.

Another option you can choose is to use insecticide, although this chemical is not very pleasant to spray in your car. It has a very unpleasant odor and can be toxic to animals.

Some studies affirm that bedbugs have evolved and there are chemical treatments that are not effective, thermal treatments recommend.

  • Hire a professional and qualified staff

If you want to have an effective and fast method, you can find a professional; you will correctly eliminate bed bugs. With the equipment and treatments of the personnel in charge, you can have your car free of cinches.

If you see a bed bug infestation in your car, you should start fixing it immediately. Avoid making the problem worse and a bigger problem.

Bed bugs Near Your Home And In Your Car

In your car, bedbugs are not very common, but it is always good to do constant inspection and cleaning. If you have these pests in your car, they can probably reach your home if they get into your clothes or belongings.

It is why you should always take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of these pests and get them to your home. If you allow them to reach your home, it won’t be easy to eliminate them because they will quickly feed and reproduce.

They can hide in skirting boards, furniture, beds, mattresses, wall voids, door frames, etc.

Heat treatment is the safest and most effective way to eliminate bedbugs, no matter if it is not a professional device. You can also use a steam cleaner, and it will work well to kill bed bugs. Your steam engine must emit more than 200 degrees of high-pressure steam to kill all bedbugs in your car effectively.

You can also use diatomaceous earth to kill bedbugs. This is a whitish powdery mineral that is made from fossilized remains of small aquatic organisms. This substance is very effective in killing insects and bed bugs.

You can use it without a problem because it is a safe substance for humans and pets. You can buy diatomaceous earth at any local hardware store or online website. You need to sprinkle it all over your car and sit for a few days to see positive results.

After the days have passed, you only have to vacuum the dust to remove it from your car. With these tips, you can eliminate them and avoid a significant infestation that can reach your home and make it more challenging to eliminate them.

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