How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

There are many types of pests and insects around the world. One of the most common and annoying insects found in most of the homes are the bed bugs. Though they are tiny creatures, they cause sleep deprivation, and its bites cause itching to human skin.

What Are Bed Bugs?

The common varieties of bed bugs are a small nocturnal insect that feeds on humans’ blood and is at near epidemic proportions across the country. The problem is that they are small and are just 1/8 to 1/5 inch or less in size, and they are nocturnal. They are found in dark brown or black color, and they are flightless insects. They are flat and can hide even in the carpet, mattress, and in cracks or corners of wooden furniture. There are many natural methods followed to get rid of these bugs, but finding their hidden place is a big task. They only come out to feed at night, usually in the hours just before dawn. So unless if we turn lights on during the night or go looking for their hiding places, we might not ever see them. But they have been known to feed at any time given the opportunity. They are attracted by body warmth and the presence of carbon dioxide. They pierce the skin with two tiny hollow tubes, inject its saliva, which contains anticoagulants, and one to suck the blood from their victim. They feed for about five minutes then return to their hiding place.

Ways to Prevent from Bed Bug Bites

Although bed bugs can live for as much as a year without feeding by going dormant, they will typically try to feed every five to ten days. They are attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide from the human body. The bite site becomes a red raised bump and causes itching. While a dirty home may give them more places for it to hide. It does not cause the infestation, and the people who are bitten generally get anxious and respond with stress and insomnia. Hence it is better to get rid of these small creatures from our home. Most of them try to hire professionals to get rid of these bed bugs, but there are many natural ways, and our little effort will make us come out from this issue.

How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally?

Hunting for bed bugs and getting rid of the issues becomes more of a pain and annoyance. There are so many ways wherein one can trap and catch bed bugs in action. One should always make sure that from a variety of bed bug removal methods or pest control techniques, they should only choose the natural ones. One does not have to apply chemicals or toxic bed bug sprays to kill such pests. Systematically cleaning the bedroom manner, especially by meticulously scrubbing down bed bugs from the mattresses, can do the job and should thoroughly remove the eggs to prevent their production. Steam cleaning is a safe and effective way that one can use to kill bed bugs. There are many natural cleaning products that one can use nowadays for safer and eco-friendly cleaning.

Methods to eliminate the Bed Bugs:

Pest control is not just about removing bed bugs or pests from households but keeping the entire home safe from any harm and worries. If the mattress is infested, we should remove all the bedding, bed liners, and mattress covers. Wash the items in high-temperature water. After this throw, the items into the dryer at its highest recommended setting and should avoid putting back the beddings, liners, and covers on the bed until they have cleaned their bedroom. If we use other fabric-type items in the bedroom, we must clean it using a vacuum using the hose. You can then place them into the plastic bags, seal them tightly, and leave them for at least 3 days. This procedure will eliminate any remaining bed bugs, and one can use this procedure on soft toys, computer bags, and pillows. It is also recommended to vacuum the entire room or house and pay close attention to any holes, cracks, or gaps in the wall and should seal and throw away the vacuum bag when the process is done.

Hire the professionals to get rid of bugs

If we cannot avoid using furniture from a garage sale, we must inspect it thoroughly before taking it inside the house. If the furniture is infested with bed bugs and we should take it inside the home, there is a big chance that the whole house will be infested within a few weeks. Another bed bug treatment that we need to carry out to avoid infestation is to seal all the cracks and voids in the home. These bugs can transfer from one apartment to another by traveling through cracks and crevices. If we do not want to conduct bug treatment in the future, this process should be done immediately. There are professional exterminators available to solve this issue. They will examine the home and clean the house and will make it bugs free. Mostly they use chemicals to clean, so it is better to clean ourselves with the above natural methods. But if the infection is high, then there is no other chance, we should hire the professionals.

How to prevent bed bugs infestation?

Bed bugs can come from everywhere. It is challenging to pinpoint the exact source of the infestation since bed bugs are known as the best travelers, and they can be brought to house from an infested area with the help of our clothes. So the first thing that we need to do when we arrive at home is to wash our clothes with hot water. This should be the first thing that one needs to do. Bed bugs can quickly transfer from our clothes to our furniture, and if we do not wash the clothes immediately, the chances are high that they will start to build their breeding ground. Buying used furniture should also be avoided.

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