How To Get Rid Of Bumps On Arms

how to get rid of bumps on arms


Are you also dealing with those tiny little bumps that are there on your arm for no matter how long? You may also be looking for a way to clear them away from your skin, and then you need to put your focus on to the successive paragraphs. Here I have mentioned what these bumps are, why they occur, and what you can do to erase them from your skin. These will help you to have a clear understanding of them.

These small bumps are caused due to a cosmetic problem.  Sometimes, it is also cited as the chicken skin problem. The exact cause of these bumps is not known in our medical science, but keeping the skin dry and the changes in hormones are considered to be the contributing factors in its occurrence.

However, it is not a severe skin issue to get panic about, but the thing is that sometimes these bumps become red, and it feels very annoying. Don’t fret you need to go to any doctor for it or any medical prescription. Instead, you can solve this problem on your own, using some home remedies, and by taking some preventive measures. Meanwhile, I will also mention some of the creams and exfoliates that you can purchase from the market.

So without further wasting any time, let’s move on straight to the preventive actions that you need to keep if you want those stubborn bumps to dislodge from your arms.

Best Ways to Prevent Bumps on Arms

So, here are the actions that if adopted, can make the things work for you in a much better way. Below some prevention is reiterated for you to have a look at:

  • Don’t over scrub

Keep in mind that you can’t just scrub frequently to make them go away. Aversely, it will make the bumps even worse, and your skin will appear redder than before. So, never let your thoughts hung up on the fact that hard scrubbing will remove them from your skin. Instead, take care of your skin gently and don’t blow off your steam on your tender skin.

  •  Avoid using hard-bristled cleansing brushes, harsh scrubs, or loofahs. As, these will irritate your skin more, which we don’t want, right? So don’t go for such things, use the scrubs having gentle and mild particles.
  • Don’t use cleansing soap bars as they can block your pores, which will ultimately lead to even more bumps. Rather, use a mild body cleanser which is water soluble and use it with a soft washcloth.
  • keep your skin hydrated

Use lightweight moisturizers in place of thick and heavy ones. It will prevent the clogging up of the pores in the skin. Now here keep the thing in mind to use the gel-based hydrating moisturizers, as they are very soothing to the irritated skin.  Keep your gel-based moisturizers in the refrigerator for a more soothing effect. Here you will get two benefits; first, they will entirely fulfill the primary purpose of hydration as well as will reduce the redness.

These are some measures that you can adapt to prevent these bumps from getting more severe due to lack of knowledge. Now you know what you got to do, so, be gentle and careful.

Best Ways to Treat Bumps on Arms

Now that we know what precautionary measures we can take, let’s talk about the solution of the problem for which many people are here to find out some homemade scrubs as well as the on the counter products that can help you in clearing these bumps off your skin.

Oatmeal scrub

You may also be known to the fact that the oatmeal is a natural ingredient that can be used as a gentle scrub for the skin. To make oatmeal scrub for your arms, you need 3-4 tablespoon of crushed oatmeal powder and 4-5 tablespoons of milk. Check the consistency and make sure that it is not too runny as well as thick. Now use this mix as a scrub and rub on to the affected areas in circular motions for a couple of minutes and wash it off your skin. Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer after the process.

You may find it a little bit messy, but your skin will feel way smoother than before.

Coconut oil skin scrub

Coconut oil has been considered to have the anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties that can heel several skin infections. To make the coconut scrub, add2 Tbsp of brown sugar in some amount of coconut oil and mix both the ingredients. But you need to use the coconut oil in a semi-solid form so that it melts when rubbed on to the skin. Remove the sugar with the help of plain water.

You can also make skin rub using olive oil and few pinches of salt which you can wash off using soap.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a multi-tasker in the matter of skin problems. IT works wonder in resolving the skin issues. It can be applied directly onto directly to the skin but for better application, use a wet sponge to apply it. After 10-15 minutes rinse your skin with plain water.


It also acts as a very good exfoliate without even having scrub particles in it because the skin gets chemically exfoliated by the lactic acid present in the yogurt, whereas the milk fats will moisturize along with the exfoliation.

Now, here is one thing that can help to remove the redness of the bumps and make the skin smoother free of bumps. For that, you can use the leave on exfoliants that contain BHA in it. BHA is salicylic acids that have the propensities to de-clog your pores without scrubbing and alleviates the redness from the skin making your arms look presentable to much extent.

Just make sure to use these methods regularly to get results sooner. Using all the above alternatives, you can get back to your smooth skin in a few periods.

Author Aalyah