How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants In Ceiling

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants In Ceiling

Like any living being, ants are insects with different species, so there are different types and classes. However, something that resonates a lot about these insects is their ability to live and coexist in an organized community.

One of the species that can bring different inconveniences to humans is carpenter ants due to their habitat. These are called “carpenters” because they are ants that chew through wood to create nests.

What Attracts Carpenter Ants To Get In Your Ceiling?

The ceilings or the attic areas can have a certain humidity that later is transferred to the wood. Carpenter ants are a species that prefer wet wood over dry so that it can be an indication.

Something that can attract carpenter ants to your ceiling other than the wood itself is the moisture that exists. These ants are attracted to the humidity generated by your wooden ceiling, the main attractive factor in them. When a couple of carpenter ants find a home on your roof, you may be infested in a short time.

How Do the Carpenter Ants Get In Your Ceiling?

The invasion of carpenter ants occurs when this species’ workers are directed to search for food and water. Also, of course, that dry or wet wood (preferably) attracts them too much because it is where they make their nests.

Carpenter ants can come from different areas around your house where vegetation is abundant. If you have a giant tree near your house with branches reaching your roof, ants may come from there. You must observe very well where these types of ants come from to eliminate that access and avoid infestations.

Is It Dangerous To Have the Carpenter Ants In Your Ceiling?

First, it is necessary to highlight that these insects’ damage is not as severe as that caused by termites. However, it is not advisable to relax if you have carpenter ants on the roof since they cause a lot of damage in their course.

This damage happens because, over the years, the community of carpenter ants will grow inside your home. When this happens, greater damage is generated to the wood and therefore to the roof structure, continuously and progressively weakening it.

If you let the carpenter ant infestation grow on the roof, you will certainly have a serious pest problem in the future. These ants are usually very destructive when they create their nest at home, specifically on the roof where you must control them. If ants can make their way from the roof to the interior of your house, they will do so, causing the damage to wipe out the value of your property.

Can Carpenter Ants Create the Holes In Your Ceiling?

Carpenter Ants in your ceiling - Image By thespruce

You may notice that you have carpenter ants on your roof as they create holes in the wood to dispose of unwanted debris. They usually leave different gaps or small holes in the wood’s surface that can be little perceptible to the eye.

However, you will notice that you will find sawdust; you will find unwanted remains. With the passage of time and the infestation of carpenter ants growing each day, you can observe how time passes. The presence of constant humidity on the roof is harmful, causing the material with which it was built to descend at any time.

Do Carpenter Ants Go into Tongue and Groove Ceiling?

The carpenter ant species workers look for any place to enter the wood and the homes. So they can fit into the Tongue and Groove in the ceiling as it serves as a perfect opening. If you let this pest get into the roof Tongue, then you will be giving it access to your home over time.

Ants can take these roof Tongue as their home, creating a giant long-term nest and access to your property. You do not have to be surprised if you notice that the ants are no longer only on the roof but also passing into your house. Every day you leave the pest on the wooden ceiling and groove ceiling. This will cause serious damage that will require you to innovate your house.

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How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants In Ceiling Naturally?

Getting rid of carpenter ants on your roof may seem complicated, but it is not impossible if you follow the steps below:

  • Destroy their nests

One method that may sound complicated but is one of the most effective is to get rid of their nests. Well, in this way, you will not only be getting rid of them completely but also avoiding a possible reappearance of the carpenter ants.

This particular species can be tricky to hunt without chemicals to fight them due to its difficult accessibility.

  • Place a bait

Locating their nests can be difficult, but if you bait when one of the ants falls into it, you can guide them to where they are.

  • Use Peppermint

Apart from being a safe method, Peppermint can create a protective barrier as it has a repellent effect.

  • Cinnamon leaf oils

These, like Peppermint, have a natural repellent effect that will keep carpenter ants away from your home.

How To Prevent Carpenter Ants In Ceiling?

Carpenter Ants - Image By greengianthc

The best way to prevent the appearance of carpenter ants on your roof is by applying the following tips that will be discussed:

  • Regular cleaning

Maintaining constant cleaning will prevent garbage or dirt accumulation that can serve as a perfect attraction for carpenter ants.

  • Increase ventilation

Having greater ventilation will prevent the wood from getting damp, so these insects will not be attracted to the home.

  • Repair possible entries

Sealing and repairing any cracks or crevices that these can enter will considerably prevent a reappearance of these on your roof.

You have to apply all the preventive measures necessary to prevent the plague from breaking into your roof. It is time for you to protect your home on the outside and more so when you have a wooden roof that cost a lot of money.

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