How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees


It is not difficult to believe that most bees are quite similar, but that is not always the truth – particularly with regards to carpenter bees.

Carpenter bees ordinarily have a hairy abdomen like bumble bees, describes Emory Matts, M.S., a certified entomologist and specialized solutions supervisor for Western Exterminator Company. Nevertheless, their abdomen is usually black with no yellow markings and they could be quite large – a maximum of an inch long.

Unlike honeybees, carpenter bees are not aggressive so you do not need to be worried about them going from their way to sting you but they’re known for the harm they bring about to fire wood. Female carpenter bees are going to create gaps in wood and form galleries just where they’ll build a nest for laying their eggs.

While carpenter bees usually will not affect you, they’ll mess with the wood buildings and trees around the home of yours, which is often annoying to deal with.

In case you forget to intervene, the issue will just worsen and more intense as months pass because carpenter bees will go back to those very same holes as well as lengthen the galleries out. In this article, we are going to show you what you are able to do to eliminate carpenter bees and what remedies which are natural that you are able to use to help keep them from focusing on your precious wood.

What exactly are Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees get the common name of theirs from the habit of theirs of boring into timber. Carpenter bees don’t consume wood but damage buildings by drilling circular gaps to produce tunnels inside wood material. Unlike other typical bees, like honeybees and bumble bees that reside in colonies, carpenter bees aren’t community bugs as well as create individual nests into trees outside or perhaps into the frames, sides or eaves of buildings.

Best Methods of Carpenter Bee Control

  • Trap Bees in Nests

In the event that you would like to eliminate carpenter bees without needing insecticide you might wish to try out plugging the entrances with putty or caulk. Now you are thinking, “but will not they attempt to burrow their strategy out?” The solution is no. For what ever reason, carpenter bees won’t attempt to escape the nest in case they are trapped inside. Thus, a great deal of folks put the entrances to the tunnel for Carpenter Bee then paint over them. It will help you save time and money.

  • Play obnoxious sounds on speakers

Carpenter bees are notoriously vulnerable to noise. Create loud speakers or a boombox next to the area they have infested as well as play loud music for 2 3 days or weeks to motivate them to leave.

  • Install Siding or perhaps Maintain Paint

In order to ensure carpenter bees do not invade the exterior of the home of yours once again, possibly install vinyl siding or even have your house painted regularly. And Vinyl siding is really the only way you are likely to make sure that carpenter bees do not damage the home of yours. Obviously, you will find the purists among us that won’t stand for that nonsense. To all those purists I say: just use wood to side the house of yours, however, you much better be darn well particular you have the color is kept up – timber discoloration will not stop carpenter bees.

  • Spray infested areas

Cut up the rinds of many different citrus fruits and boil them in a shallow container filled with hot water. Fill a squirt bottle with the citrus extract water and squirt the carpenter bee burrows with it.

  • Using Dust In Carpenter Bee Holes

If you’ve a present infestation, particles with Tempo Dust in many carpenter bee gaps. Fill the Dust R Duster or your selected duster 1/2 way with dust and dust into the openings.

Although their holes appear just an inch or 2 deep, it typically extends at a ninety degree angle. And the Dust-R Duster has a curved tip which is going to fit into the ninety degree angles easier. The female is going to turn ninety amounts and bore a channel from six inches to provided four feet. This channel serves as a primary corridor from which she is going to drill small chambers several inches deep. These chambers come to be egg holders. An egg will be deposited by her, take in some foods, after which seal it off to make sure the egg’s advancement.

It might be hard to treat every person gallery with debris, aerosol or perhaps liquid residual pesticides, because you are able to discover by the, but is essential in case you’ve a current infestation.

  • Be Patient

Carpenter bees can be certain creatures. They’re really partial to smells. When you initially get the trap it might not smell most attractive to them. Do not worry though, the gentle porous dynamics of the cork base is going to acclimate to your current area and start to smell like another woods around the property of yours. Sometimes this may take several days. Give the trap of yours up to two days in one area before trying different tricks.

  • Paint

Paint the home of yours and always keep the paint in condition that is good in case you wish to stop a carpenter bee infestation. Just love treated lumber, any type of wood that is covered with paint will be avoided by carpenter bees. Stain and varnish doesn’t make sure that carpenter bees will steer clear from the timbers of yours. Polyurethane paints are your greatest safeguard against carpenter bees.

Best Natural Carpenter Bee Control Methods

Carpenter bees are insects that can pollinate, which means you might wish to understand how you can eliminate carpenter bees naturally. There are many non lethal means of eliminating them.

Carpenter bee traps are handy to use and offer a non toxic method of elimination. Buy or even create a trap and dangle it directly over the bee hole. Bees are going to enter the trap believing it being a nest and be not able to get away.

Non-toxic liquids which repel bees include answers of h20 with citrus oil or perhaps almond oil. Try using a squirt bottle to use all over the bee holes to motivate the bees to go out of the nest.

Loud sounds and vibrations are recognized to repel bees, as play music that is loud together with the speakers next to the region of infestation for 2 3 days. In this situation, you will want to fill up the holes the moment they have left.

Carpenter Bee Extermination

Carpenter bees are rarely a big deal, plus they hardly ever hurt a structure to the stage where a substantial renovation is required. They are not termites, that is for sure. But – and here is the huge “but” – it can occur, and in case it does happen you truly have no option but to call an experienced exterminator with experience in managing as well as exterminating carpenter bees. Once again, this ought to only be done whether carpenter bee damage is substantial.

Or else, there ought to be no need to phone an exterminator to rid the home of yours of carpenter bees. A can of Raid ought to be everything you have to deal with the issue, and quite often it does not really require that.

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