How To Get Rid Of Cellar Spiders Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Cellar Spiders Naturally

Discover how you can get rid of cellar spiders naturally using non-toxic remedies. See how you can identify cellar spiders by their color and unique traits that make them an unpleasant species.

Learn how dangerous cellar spiders are and how lethal their poison can be to your pets’ lives. Discover what the steps to follow to get rid of the arachnid with natural elements are.

How To Identify Cellar Spiders?

You can identify cellar spiders by their light brown oval bodies with very pale yellow features. It is a spider species that measures 6 to 9 mm in its adult stage; the females are larger. Cellar spiders have four pairs of legs 40 to 50 mm long each.

With these specifications, you can easily identify cellar spiders and eliminate them from your home. They have a small appearance. If you compare them with other arachnids, the predominant thing is their long legs. Female cellar spiders are larger than males, reaching a maximum leg height of 50 mm.

How Long Do Cellar Spiders Live?

Cellar spiders can live for 1 to 3 years if they are in your home or an open area with many predators. If the arachnid protects itself on your roof, its life may be extended to 3 years or a little less. 

They usually reach their maximum height and size in a short time; they feed easily on mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other insects.

It is a pest you have to eliminate from your home to give more value to your home if you think of selling it. In their lifetime, spiders continuously reproduce, achieving over 50 eggs per year.

Do you need to remove cellar spiders from your own home?

When you do not mind cleaning up now and do not have the infestation, you might not mind getting a cellar spider in the home. They’re not dangerous, and then they do not create any threat. Meanwhile, though they can make a mess, they’re very smart to stay away from you as much as possible. And a severe arachnophobe might prefer to eliminate them right away, but in case you do not care about bots from a distance, it might be advisable to allow them to be. Not merely are they going to remain from the way of yours, but they’ll also enable you to stay away from bugs and insects, which may be a pest to eliminate.

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Are Cellar Spiders Dangerous?

These long-legged spiders found in the basement are not dangerous to your life or that of your pets. Its venom is minimal and only affects insects that are the same size. You should not think that the spider will bite you and cause a severe problem in your body.

If your pet eats these spiders, nothing will happen to her because her body does not have active toxins that harm her. They are arachnids that try to stay away from you; you rarely see them in the kitchen or living room.

How To Get Rid of Cellar Spiders Naturally?

Some ways you can safely get rid of cellar spiders are:

  • Clean the entire area

This species affects damp and dark areas to clean them, so they do not stay there again. You can use bleach, air freshener, or other cleaning products with a delicious smell that repels the arachnid.

  • Remove the Habitat

One of the greatest ways to stop a cellar spider infestation is to eliminate the habitat in which a spider would love to live. A cellar spider likes moist, dark environments. Therefore, by removing this habitat, you might be ready to motivate the spider to keep on its own by decreasing the humidity. And, spiders love to dwell in property in which their prey is nearby, so in case measures are taken by you to eliminate these other insects, by changing your outside lights to attract much less, you might be ready to get rid of the spiders too.

  • Mental spray

You can spray your entire home with a peppermint spray, so the arachnid doesn’t create cobwebs in the corners. This natural remedy is very good because you will smell a pleasant smell while repelling the spiders.

  • Use Garlic

Although it is not one of the most popular home remedies, you can use garlic to keep spiders out. You can use it in liquid with a spray and place it in all the corners where the spider passes.

  • Avoid making your house dark

You must condition your house avoiding darkness in basements, garages, or abandoned rooms, so the spider does not enter. Dark areas are the attraction of this species, so you can repel them by lighting your home and avoiding humidity.

  • Insecticides

In case you cannot be bothered to hold back until all of the spiders posted the house of yours, you are able to turn to professionals that are equipped with an assortment of services and products to aid you with pest elimination issues. And pest control companies are going to help you remove all spiders in the home using insecticides, which may also eliminate other pests and bugs, though you might not be able to get into your basement or house for some time.

Additionally, there are many pesticides made particularly for the cellar spider removing, that you can use to eliminate them from the house of yours. Nevertheless, pesticides are a temporary solution and aren’t a substitute for sanitation. When you don’t replace your home conditions, they’ll return.

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