How To Get Rid Of Centipedes

how to get rid of centipedes

Have you ever looked a creepy multi-legged insect crouching on the floor below the couches? Yes. Do you know what these creatures are? Well, these are referred to as centipedes, sometimes often called as house centipedes. But no need to fret as they are not dangerous at all, it’s because they do not bite generally and if they do for their self-defense, then you will have the same feeling of a bee sting.

What are centipedes?

The centipedes are elongated creatures having a segmented body with hundred of legs that why are referred to as hundred-legged. They belong to the class arthropod of kingdom Animalia. There are many species of centipedes that are known and identified, but the one about which we are talking about are the ones that we found in our house. These house centipedes are Scutigera coleoptrata. These centipedes are usually found in the humid environment are mostly active in the night, that’s why these are mostly seen at the places like in sinks, basements, bathroom. They feed on the bugs and other pests such as spiders, silverfish, cockroaches, and other pests that are found in our houses.

The reasons why there are centipedes in your houses

If you are wondering that why you have centipedes in your home, then the straightforward and self- evident answer is that the centipedes will get more attracted where the food and shelter are readily available to them. It is undeniable that organisms look out for the places that are suitable for them to thrive. As these creatures’ feeds on different insects, then if there are bugs and other pests in your house, then they are more usual to enter your home as gatecrashers.

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Best Methods for House Centipede Control

However, the centipedes are not harmless, but since it looks very spine-chilling when they crouch on the walls in front of you. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to exterminate them from your house then below some ways are mentioned that you can opt for to dispose of them from your place.

  • Moisture

Moisture is one of the prime reasons for having centipedes in your house. The centipedes mostly prefer to live in humid areas and also lay eggs there. Therefore, any moisture will increase the chances of having many centipedes in your house. In dry conditions, the body of these creatures dries, and they die. Therefore if you want to get rid of them, then it is essential to keep your home arid. Check for any leakages in pipes if there are any then repair them.

  • Traps

One can use sticky traps to catch them. As, when they will run to look for the food, they will stick to the sticky pad and will be unable to move. This way, you will not only able to capture the centipedes but also other pests and insects.

  • Seal the cracks

To prevent the invasions of centipede in your house, one must seal all the cracks and openings in the walls.

How to Get Rid of Centipedes Naturally

Instead of purchasing the pesticides, there are home remedies that you can try to eliminate them from your house. Here I have listed some handpicked alternatives to solve your problem.

  • Boric acid

If you have pets and children in your home, then this is the best option for you that is effective as well in killing the centipedes. It is because boric acid is not harmful to your pets and kids.

The process of killing the centipede is a little different here. Once you sprinkle the boric acid, wait for few days to make it work. When the centipede eats this powder, the boron in the boric acid will get accumulated in its body, and what the boric acid will do is that it impedes the centipede to absorb the nutrients. Now nor can the centipede excrete the boric acid out form its body nor it will be able to absorb nutrients. It will ultimately lead to the death of the centipede: it may be due to starvation, or the exoskeleton of the centipede’s body will dry up, and the centipede will die.

  • Neem oil

The Neem plant is known for its medicinal properties and for killing the germs and pests. The Neem oil is considered as one of the natural insecticides, and it is also beneficial and effective in keeping the centipedes away from your house. The whole lifecycle of the centipede will get disturbed if it once ingested the Neem oil. Neem oil will not only agitate its hormonal balance but also it will adversely affect the centipede, and it will not be able to perform any of life activities.

  • Soap spray

It is one of the cheapest and safest methods to kill the centipedes quickly. To make this spray add mix some liquids dish shop in water and spray it at the places where they are usually found. What this soap solution will do is that it will dry up the exoskeleton of the centipede by disposing of the oils and wax in the body of centipede due to which the water in its exoskeleton will escape, and it will dry out leaving the centipede dead.

  • Cayenne pepper

The cayenne pepper is among one of the most effective insect repellent, especially the centipede. All type of peppers contains a fiery compound known as Capsaicin. That is why any insect rarely eats the chili plants due to this compound. Capsaicin acts as a natural insect repellent due to its spicy properties. Sprinkling this pepper at the entries of your house will prevent the entry of centipedes in your home.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

It is a natural insecticide that is made of fossils of the seashells. It is one of the best and easiest ways to kill centipedes. It scratches out the exoskeleton of the centipedes and dries it out.

These are some of the alternatives to get rid of the centipede infestation in your house and to make your home free from these creepy looking creatures.

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