How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks Naturally

It cannot be denied that squirrels are usually a very striking animal that cannot go unnoticed. It is very strange to hear someone say that they do not like this beautiful animal. The problem with squirrels begins when they become intruders in your home, as they can cause a lot of damage.

Squirrels can often sneak into your home without you noticing, as well as your attic or garage. Perhaps you have seen many squirrels lurking around your house but have not given proper care. Although it may not be like it, a squirrel infestation can cause many problems.

Many squirrels will be prepared to attack any crops, vineyards, and many other spaces. For example, if you have a garden and lately you have seen small holes dug in the ground, the chances are that some squirrels are searching for food inside your home.

There are a few options that you can use to get rid of squirrels naturally. Although they are a lot of fun, squirrels can become a big problem, and you can find a solution in time.

What Is A Chipmunks?

Chipmunks are part of the rodent sciurid family and can grow to vary in size from 14 to 18 centimetres. The chipmunk can mostly be seen in the Eurasian region, although they can also be seen in large parts of North America. The forests are the place where squirrels can be seen the most.

The squirrels’ habitat is the wooded area since, in the smooth ground, they do not manage to feel comfortable. This is why it is so unusual for you to see a squirrel in an open area. The chipmunk has small ears, a sharp head, and its fur is very soft and short with a red or brown color.

Squirrels are known for their collecting work, so they are searching for food that they will then take to their nest. If you feed a squirrel, it will get used to going in search of food regularly. Therefore, a small amount that you give daily will suffice.

Squirrels’ favorite foods are nuts, apples, sunflower seeds, and some vegetables.

Where Do Chipmunks Live?

More than 200 species of squirrels are scattered worldwide, but according to BBC studies, this species is not found in Australia. The squirrels’ habitat is forested areas because they prefer to live in trees. Some squirrels live on land and are used to digging holes that they use in the form of underground tunnels where they can live.

During winter, squirrels tend to live in burrows to find the necessary heat. Most squirrels make their nests in tree holes or branches. There are so-called flying squirrels, and when they jump from one tree to another, they expand the muscular membrane between their body and their legs to glide through the air.

Although squirrels are not giant, they are capable of gliding up to 48 meters, and for this reason, they are called flying squirrels. If squirrels are looking for a home on your property, they are searching for food, or because they need a space where it is hot, in case, it is winter.

Is A Chipmunk Dangerous?

Many people who have noticed the presence of squirrels in their home have been afraid of being attacked. It is not very common to see a squirrel attack a human. However, it has happened on a couple of occasions. People who have this animal as a pet are the ones who have been attacked the most, especially when feeding it.

Studies by experts indicate that squirrels are not carriers of the virus that can cause rabies. However, through a bite, squirrels can cause certain diseases, such as tetanus.

It is not often that squirrels attack people without them having done nothing to them. In most cases where squirrels have bitten a person, it has been because they have been bothered, and biting has been their form of defense.

Likewise, you must be careful to be attacked by a squirrel because depending on the intensity of the bite exerts, it can cause serious problems. It is unknown how dangerous a squirrel can be, but it is important not to disturb them and remain in their habitat.

How Did A Chipmunk Get In Your Yard?

Although squirrels are habitats in forested areas, squirrels also like to enter homes searching for food or warmth during winter. To enter your home, squirrels will first enter your garden and begin searching or digging holes to enter.

And so, little by little more squirrels will arrive until they can become a real plague. IF you start to have squirrels in your garden or inside your house you will notice it quickly:

  • The noise that squirrels emit is quickly detected.
  • The noise they make when jumping and moving objects too.
  • Squirrels can leave bad smells in your space.
  • Since they are used to biting, you will surely notice your home’s infrastructure or some objects with bites.

Having squirrels inside your home or garden can be more damaging than it sounds. When you try to get a squirrel out of your home, you must be very careful, since they in self-defense could attack it and even bite it. But if necessary, get rid of them to avoid contracting bacteria that are harmful to health.

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks Naturally?

If squirrels have already invaded your home, and in the attic, you can get rid of them naturally.

  • If you have a fireplace in your house, you can place branches near it and on the roof so that squirrels cannot jump there.
  • Make use of ultrasound or other sounds that are effective in keeping squirrels away.
  • Do not leave firewood accumulated at the entrance of your home.
  • Use odorous squirrel repellent.
  • Look for all the spaces in your home for any holes or cracks that maybe there to seal them, since squirrels can pass tiny holes.
  • Do not leave food stored in the attic or in ​​your home where squirrels can detect it.
  • Eliminate birdseed feeders if you have any in your garden.

As you can see, you can drive squirrels away from your home without the need to use any poisons for them. Following these tips, you will notice how they look for another place to live or return to the habitat where they should be.

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