How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Beetles Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Beetles Naturally

It is time for you to discover how to get rid of cigarette beetles with natural products at home. These techniques are very easy to use, where you will learn how to eliminate the pest naturally or professionally. You must have some patience when using each method to obtain good results, they all work, know the subject:

What Are Cigarette Beetles?

You can quickly identify cigar beetles by their appearance different from other animals of the species. This animal has a series of bee-style antennae and its eyes in a downward direction, something strange. It is not a pleasant species at all; you will be somewhat repulsed by its earthy and furry appearance in some areas.

An adult beetle can be up to 3 millimeters in size and is one of the smallest of its kind. You can identify a cigar beetle by its dark brown color all over its body and antennae on its head. The antennas go towards the body; they are duly bent, giving a film shape between the beetles.

This animal has very shiny wings; they are smooth and not striated like other beetle species. The antennae on its head are segmented so you can see a slightly uniform thickness. This beetle predominates for its strange appearance; they are not attractive at all; they look more like a cockroach.

Although it is a strange species in its appearance, you can see cigarette beetles more often. This specimen is more common than the pharmacy beetle; you can see it in your home if you have pest problems. Although they are common to see, you can also avoid cigarette beetles easily with natural elements.

Something very important knows how to identify the larvae of cigarette beetles, hairy and dark. Knowing how to identify the parent as a beetle child can eliminate them from your home to avoid disease. It is a pest that you must stop at the moment because if not, your house can be infested with them in a few days; avoid that.

Signs of Cigarette Beetles Infestion

You will quickly notice when you get married; you are infested with cigarette beetles because they leave obvious footprints all around you. You can see some food scraps that the beetles have left throughout your pantry or kitchen in general. Among other signs that you will find in your home when you have an infestation of cigar beetles are:

  • Your meals will be filled with feces, food bags with holes, bites, dust, or another unusual element. You will see this sign of destruction mainly in your pantry; it is the favorite place for cigar beetles.
  • You will find some food out of a new or adequately sealed packaging after use. The cigar beetle is a disastrous thing to eat; it doesn’t mind leaving food scraps around it while it does so. You have to go through your entire kitchen for signs of this unwanted inhabitant to locate it.
  • All your storage packages will be chewed because the beetle has a hunger that is not easily satiated. You will see that products like carton milk have some beetle bites. The plague introduces its teeth into any item regardless of cardboard, plastic, wood, or other food packaging medium.
  • When you have this pest, the worst sign is when you open any food container, and thousands of beetles fly. In the best cases, you will find larvae of this animal, and in the worst moments, you will find adult beetles. You will be surprised to see how quickly the animal reproduces and its larvae grow in a few days.

You need to inspect your entire home, not just your kitchen, to prevent this beetle from inhabiting it without your consent. As they are small animals, you need to search carefully and use a magnifying glass to locate them.

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How To Get Rid of Cigarette Beetles Naturally?

When you detect that cigarette beetles have infested you, you should think quickly about eliminating them naturally. Among the techniques you can use to eliminate this pest are:

  • Clean the food pantry

This is the simplest solution for you to get rid of the plague; your pantry’s total cleaning is fast. You have to get rid of old food, expired, or has signs of beetle larvae. You have to completely renovate the pantry, eliminate the bad, and leave the new for your food.

  • Seal all foods

You have to seal all your food, spices, grains, among others, to prevent beetles from trying to enter. You can buy some glass jars to put food in to avoid this and other pests. With this action, you contribute to the idea of ​​keeping your pantry clean, organized, and anti-beetle that you want.

  • Use DIY

In this technique, you have to put all the food that you suspect to be beetle larvae in the fridge to kill them. The species, larva or adult, does not withstand low temperatures so you can take advantage of this weak point. In a week, you kill these larvae with the cold; after that, you discard the infected food.

  • Do a deep cleaning

If cleaning the pantries did not work, you have to do a deep cleaning of your home. Throw away all boxes, books, old food, damaged appliances, and other items that attract the pest. You have to organize your whole house, eliminate the useless, and leave what you use at the moment; this will suit you very well.

How To Prevent Cigarette Beetles?

If you applied all the simple methods to eliminate cigarette beetles, and they did not work at all, you should maximize your technique. Among some additional items that you can use to prevent the infestation are quite useful chemicals. Stick with these techniques and get rid of the plague right away:

  • Buy insecticides

You can purchase some beetle sprays from qualified stores to eliminate them. When you see a long or adult cigar, beetle, spray it with insecticide, and kill it to have a protected fall. This is your weapon to fight the plague, it is very effective, and the spray is affordable for you to buy.

  • Prune plants around the house

Your pest problem may be due to what is around you, so you should quickly prune the plants. With a cleaner house and with less vegetation, you will avoid that beetles see it as a place to live. You mustn’t have vegetation near the advantages or doors to prevent the pest from entering your house.

  • Keep your house in order.

Finally, to avoid cigarette beetles and other pests, you need to keep your house in order. You have to clean your home every so often, not leaving garbage or food exposed so that the plague does not arrive. It all depends on you, and if you are clean in your home, you will be able to avoid the insect and other vermin in your pantry.

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