How To Get Rid Of Clover

how to get rid of clover

If you own a garden and you are interested in gardening, then you may know that weeds often grow. For those who don’t know what weed is then adding to your knowledge, weeds are the unwanted plants that produce more frequently. These fight for nutrients, space, and other things from the different plants and don’t let our plants and vegetable nourish correctly. Therefore it is essential to exterminate them from your lawn. Here we are going to talk about a plant named clover, which is more often considered as a weed. The people find it better to remove them from the lawn. For that reason, we are here to help you to get rid of them quickly.

General overview

Clover is a plant from the genus Trifolium, as per the name suggests the plants of this genus tends to have three leaves together. There are many plants from this genus.  Although the clovers are very beneficial for the plants as they provide an abundant supply of nitrogen in the soil, which further enhances the growth of the plants. But it slowly occupies all the space and chokes out the other small plants, and obviously, you are also from the ones who don’t like these white flowers growing in their green field and are here to find out some ways to eliminate them from your lawn. So, here we are to put in the picture some alternatives that you can try to remove them from your garden.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Clover

If you are hanging tough by the decision of disposing of the clovers from your lawn then, below some methods are recapitulated for you, that you can try to get the job done.

  • Manually removing

I think it is the most obvious thing that you can do to remove them. The roots of the clover are spread horizontally in the ground, and they have the propensity to multiply quickly. Therefore it is better to pull them up as soon as they pop out on the unwanted places so that they don’t get the chance to grow. To eradicate them, first loosen up the soil around the roots so that it gets entirely out without leaving any residue in the ground. Otherwise, it will grow back in no time.

  • Promote healthy grass in your lawn

Clover doesn’t require nitrogen to be present in the soil as they can absorb it from the atmosphere. Therefore, one of the major causes of their existence is that the soil in your garden lacks nitrogen. Also, if your lawn is not adequately covered with grass, then the clover can easily thrive. For that reason, It is suggested to keep your garden dense full of grass to keep the clovers away and fertilizing your yard can provide significant help in the matter.

  • Growing the grass longer

It is better to let your grass grow longer and dense this will prevent the clove from getting enough sunlight.  It will forbid the growth of clover.

  • Herbicides

The good thing is that you can anytime make the use of herbicides that are available in the market. Just purchase a broadleaf herbicide and carefully apply it over the clover leaves. Although it is non-toxic to the grass, it can harm some other plants and can hurt some insects. Therefore, it is better to use them carefully just at the place where you need.

  • Take life from the clover with corn gluten

It is the best method to do away with the clovers because it doesn’t harm other plants and the surrounding grass. The corn gluten inhibits the augmentation of clover by releasing dipeptides into the soil. To use the corn gluten, spread a particular amount of it on your lawn as mentioned on their packaging and water your garden. Let it dry and give the corn gluten time to reveal its magic.

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Best Natural Methods for Getting Rid of Clover

Do you want an entirely green looking grass in your lawn then here are some few ways that will help you to exterminate the clovers naturally? You’ll not require to waste tons of money on these alternatives as you can find all the ingredients very quickly.

  • Newspaper

You can kill the clovers by suffocating them with the help of a paper or a plastic bag. Covering the clovers with these will prevent the clover from getting enough sunlight to continue its life process, leaving them dead.

  • Homemade formula

You can make a spray own your own to kill the clovers. For that, you will require dish soap and some vinegar. Just add a little amount of dish soap in vinegar and pour this mix into a spray bottle. Spray the mix on the clover leaves carefully and don’t let the spray fall on the other close plants.

  • Homemade herbicide

The herbicides that are available in the market are full of chemicals, and it is not suitable for your lawn, so it’s better to prepare your natural herbicide yourself. To make the solution, all you require is two cups full of white vinegar, salt half cup, and a little bit of dish soap. Mix all the ingredients well and put the solution in a spray bottle. But you need to take care of one thing that this solution can damage, the other plants n your garden, that’s why spray wisely.

  • Oil

Yes I said oil, the clovers can be killed by using oil, but one can’t just pick any oil but only the vegetable oil. It is because the vegetable oils quickly degrade, and also they have the propensity of killing the herbs and weeds.

Lastly, to be honest, it is almost impossible to maintain the nitrogen level in your level balanced correctly in the soil. But these methods are always handy, and you can use these to do away with clover in your lawn for sure. Sometimes weeds conquer the battle, and it’s better to start again so that this time you will know how you can prevent them growing.

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