How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Forever

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Forever

Cockroaches are one of the adaptable living organisms that nags every house owner. It is disturbing to know that our house is invaded by cockroaches as it can create health hazards. If you are intimidated by cockroaches, exploring this article enlightens you about identifying roaches, reasons for roaches invasion, and an efficient way of getting rid of it.

How to Identify Roaches?

Cockroaches generally hide at the smallest space in your house, and rarely do you notice its presence. It comes out of its den only in the absence of light. It makes it harder to fish out. Cockroaches are one of the common pests around the world, and numerous people are getting affected by it day-to-day.

More than 3500 species of cockroaches are found across the globe. Despite their differences, they do share some commonalities, and you can identify them quickly. In general, it grows to the size between 0.7 to 3.0 inches with an antenna on its head. The common types found worldwide look reddish-brown to a black color and have an oval-shaped body.

“It is not the strongest species that survive, not the most intelligent but the ones most responsive to change,” says the famous biologist who stated evolution. Doubts have been sprouting that he talked about cockroaches as it is one of the flexible living organisms. It can remain active without food for a month and possess the power to survive with limited resources. They adapt themselves to a huge range of environments, making it flexible and hard to get rid of from the house.

Since cockroaches are hiding all the time, it is hard to fish out all the time. There are four top signs which indicate the existence of cockroaches in your house.

  • Physically seeing cockroaches

The most obvious sign is seeing one when you switch on your kitchen or washroom lights in the late night. These nocturnal insects aren’t huge fans of light, and midnights are the right time to spot them. Dead cockroaches are one of the signs of their existence in your home.

  • Spotting cockroach feces

As described before, cockroaches are one of the flexible living organisms, and it eats everything such as plants, dead skin cells, feces, simply all organics. You will fish out its droppings regularly.

  • Cockroach eggs

The cockroach is an aggressive breeder, and it produces oothecae. If you aren’t aware of the term oothecae, it is brown casings which households many eggs. When you fish out its oothecae, you can confirm that they are breeding in your house using your sources.

  • Pungent and musty odor

Cockroaches produce a pungent and musty odor. The intense pungent and musty smell goes mad when it starts to infest.
These are the common signs that tell you cockroaches are hiding on your house.

Why Do You Have Roaches In Your House?

Cockroaches have the potential of quickly moving to new places and survive in unfavorable situations. They may come from your neighbor’s house, or it was here even before moving to your apartment. The main reason they exist in your home is food. They need to consume something to live. Yes, they can survive without food for one month, but your house has abundant food sources, and why should it stay hungry when such options prevail?

Cockroaches invade your house because of the abundance of food as well as the right living environment in your home. The best way to get rid of cockroaches is to constrain the food it gets from your house. But it is not a simple thing as you think. Since they consume all organics, they manage to fish out its food in your home quickly.

All the cockroaches live in some common places. Plumbing lines are one of the common areas for the cockroaches to live. Sewers and drains are another cockroach entry point. If you have decided to get rid of them from your house, it is mandatory to check these places.

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How to Get Rid of Roaches Forever?

Getting rid of cockroaches is not a one day process. You have to regularly check your house for its existence and apply the necessary procedures to get rid of them. Some of the efficient ways are listed as follows.

  • Clean your home thoroughly.

Cockroaches are generally attracted to dirt, and when you are keeping it clean, there is a chance that they move out of your house as they lag its food. Wash your dishes and put them away when you done with your meals. Dispose of your garbage before you lay on your bed as well as clean your stovetop.

  • Traps

Traps are available in store these days. These traps lure cockroaches in with their scent and get trapped. Within two weeks, you can see a massive difference in its populace by sourcing store brought traps.

  • Baits

Store brought baits are an effective option to get rid of cockroaches from your house. When the cockroach intakes this chemical baits, the return to its nest and die. The other cockroaches in the nest also die by having the contaminated cockroach.

  • Liquid concentrates

Liquid concentrates are designed to deter cockroaches, and they are available in stores. Dilute the concentrated liquid with Luke warm water and spray it on cracks, crevices, beneath your plumbing lines. It kills all the cockroaches and makes your home a cockroach free zone.
These are the conventional ways of making your house a cockroach free zone. But it is not a permanent solution. Anytime, it can invade your home again and start to breed. Always keeping an eye on its existence is essential. Check your plumbing lines, cracks on walls or floors will assist you to stay informed. Sealing its entry points is also a practical choice to stop its infiltration inside your home.

  • Electronic Pest Repeller

The utilization of technologies is permeating in every element of the lives. Although electronic pest repellers are greeted with lots of doubt, this particular pest ridding technological innovation is slowly witnessing the limelight and gaining approval. Nevertheless, it should be noted that only some states in the USA (for instance, Hawaii, Colorado, New Mexico) and Indiana let the sales of electronic pest management products.

Most electronic pest repellers use ultrasonic sound waves, which are inaudible to people. Additionally, these audio waves can repel cockroaches and other pests like rodents, small animals, and ants in your apartments.

  • Mop and dry some damp areas in the house

If you’ve any damp areas, like in the bathroom or the cooking area, ensure that everything dries before using the diatomaceous earth. And if the place is still slightly damp, the Diatomaceous Earth won’t kill the pests. Go around the house and find out if you can find some cracks containing the possibility of becoming an entry point and seal them substantially.

I hope this article enlightens you with the necessary information in managing the populace or get rid of cockroaches from your home.

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