How To Get Rid Of Crickets Outside Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Crickets Outside Naturally

Learn how you can get rid of crickets outdoors naturally using items at affordable prices. Know a little more about crickets before removing them from your patio or backyard. Discover what types of crickets you can run into, and if the plague can fly over you.

Know what attract crickets to your home and avoid exposing these elements, so they do not infest you. Discover what crickets eat and if they are dangerous because they cause you injuries from their bite. See how you can get rid of crickets in your yard and what steps you should take to prevent the insect.

What is cricket?

A cricket or Gryllidae is an insect with a device with which they chew on various plants or leaves in your yard. Crickets are very common in the world, and you can see them in numbers when summer approaches. Depending on the cricket type you observe in your home or natural habitat, they are brown or black.

Crickets have a peculiar sound with which they communicate and how you can detect their presence. These insects are omnivores, although they practice cannibalism in winter when food is scarce.

Types of crickets

There are four types of crickets you can see in your house or areas near them with different colors and sizes; get to know them:

  • Tree crickets

They are green crickets with wings and antennae on their body to move quickly between the trees. They are nocturnal insects that feed on the leaves and branches found on the ground.

  • Field crickets

You can identify them by their dot-shaped markings in their wing area; they are small crickets. This insect is usually in cold regions because they can reach their entire life cycle with low rainfall.

  • Mole crickets

They usually live underground and near areas full of water where they easily complete their life stages. They have special front legs to dig and bury their body in deep areas to protect themselves.

  • Cave cricket

They can live in any climate, they lack wings, and their appearance is light brown. These crickets are the ones you can see in your yard and which you have to get rid of right now.

Can crickets fly?

Perhaps two species fly only between the tree and field crickets of the crickets. The crickets you commonly see in the yard lack wings but have good legs that allow them to jump. Cave crickets are the common species you should have for an infestation that causes problems at home.

The reason species of crickets fly, and others are not due to the natural habitat after conception. A tree cricket is attractive to heights, so it needs to have wings to reach these spaces. A cave cricket focuses on low-lying areas where they can comfortably feed and breed.

What attracts crickets in the house?

The things that attract cave or domestic crickets to your home are fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, or other synthetics. The insect is not satisfied with eating plants and leaves that fall in your yard but wants something else to eat. The crickets will not suffer for food; they will have a well-conditioned area away from predators.

Domestic crickets also seek your home due to the heat it can give them in winter times. The insect can create its nest near lamps, light bulbs, or other areas that generate a lot of heat in its body.

What do crickets eat?

The crickets can feed on leaves, plants, flowers, or other crickets if they have little food. When a cricket enters your home, its eating opportunities expand to almost everything you have. You can see holes in your fabric as the cricket chews on the area looking to stay alive.

These insects can eat cotton, wool, plastic, silk, and all the synthetics you wear. If you let the plague fall in your house, you will see how many things are eaten, almost damaged by crickets.

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Do crickets bite?

Crickets can bite you and cause very slight pain in your body after doing so. You must be careful when driving a cricket because they are very territorial; they can jump you or fly. If the cricket bites you, it will cause a small perforation in your skin that will hurt you after a few minutes.

This insect can bite its attackers, although the only ones that can do so are domestic crickets. To avoid being bitten while running at insects, wear clothing that does not leave bare areas.

How to Eliminate crickets outside naturally?

For you to get rid of crickets in your backyard naturally, take tips:

  • Keep the grass short

You can prevent domestic crickets from entering your yard and then into your house through your driveways with a short lawn. You can mow the lawn once a month to prevent the pest from entering undetected.

  • Use plants that absorb nitrogen

Since the plague kills your harmless flowering plants, you can plant legumes, peas, etc. in your backyard. To go a little further to prevent crickets from entering your patio, you can plant garlic, coriander, beans, among others.

  • Seal accesses

You can seal the entrances to your patio, although it will be complex to do so for crickets due to their size. You can place a mesh with tiny openings or closed, so the insect does not pass.

  • Release your predators

You can use your cats or dogs as a natural repellent against crickets because they can eat it. If your pet detects an unusual jump or movement in your yard, it will run to that area and neutralize the insect.

How to prevent crickets?

For you to prevent a cricket infestation in your home, you must eliminate attractions in your patio or interior:

– Your house must be well maintained, not have trees or plants near your entrances that allow the cricket to enter.

– You must eliminate all your humidity in your house or water storage that may be in the yard.

– Eliminate firewood or debris close to home, so crickets do not take this area as a nest. With this action, you will avoid the infestation of other animals such as snakes, cockroaches, etc.

– You must have a well-ordered house where cleanliness is a priority, strong odors repel insects.

They are simple tricks with which you will not spend a penny but will invest a few minutes of your day. 

Suppose you suffer from a serious infestation in crickets, go-to professionals for pest control. Insecticides can be another solution you can take to prevent the insect from being inside your house.

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