How To Get Rid Of Crickets

How To Get Rid Of Crickets

Have you ever noticed that chirping sound in the night? Are you also tired of hearing that sound? Yes? Well, I know that sometimes the noise becomes too loud that it feels irritating and due to that we can’t sleep at night. But do you know that from where this sound comes from?

Well, it comes from the insect named Acheta Domesticus commonly known as house crickets. The house crickets name is popular as they are often found in the house and they grow indefinitely in the warm and moist environment. When the number of these crickets increases in our house, it drives us insane. So, if you are also thinking to exterminate them from your home, then you can have a glance at below listed ways.

Places where the Crickets hide usually

The crickets are night-time creatures that can’t fly too high and often remains at the floor. These typically set up in areas like Garages, cracks in the walls, or under the furniture.

To do away with these creepy creatures, you can opt for the natural ways that I have wrapped below:

  • Trap them with boric acid bait

You can prepare the bait by yourself; you don’t need to purchase them from the market. Just add two tablespoons of boric acid in two cups of cornmeal. Merge both the ingredients well and place them near the places where the crickets usually hide. But don’t use this alternative if you have kids in your house.

  • Attract them with molasses

The crickets get attracted towards the molasses. So, what you can do is put some water and molasses in a jar and place it on the spots where the crickets are more likely to come. They will get attracted to the jar due to the whiff coming from the molasses, and once they hop into the container, you can throw them out of your house.

  • If you don’t want to make any effort, then you can purchase an organic product from the market known as the Orange Guard. The product has got the approval from EPA to be made of the safe ingredients only.
  • One can also use the product named Food-Grade –Diatomaceous Earth and spread that in the places where the crickets are more usually to hide. It is a non- toxic compound that kills the crickets by drying out their exoskeletons.

Best ways to get rids of Crickets

  • Soap water

It proves to be very useful in killing the crickets, as it irritates the skin of crickets, or even you can purchase the pesticide spray from the market to keep the crickets away from your house. It works as a natural pesticide to kill the crickets and many other pests as well.

  • Vacuum cleaner

Apart from that, one can dispose of them by using the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner will suck out all the eggs laid by the crickets. For that, you should do the HEPA filtered cleaning. Make sure to dispose of all the litter from the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner to a sealed poly bag properly and throw it away.

  • Homemade sprays

You can use the spices from your kitchen that will work wonders for keeping the crickets away from the house. (Especially the chili powder and turmeric)

  • Kerosene oil

One can also add a little amount of this oil in water and mop your home with this mix. It is an effective method that kills pests.

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Preventive measures one can adapt to prevent them from inward bounding your house

If you want to exterminate the crickets, some preventive measures are required to be taken and some ways that can help to do away with the crickets. You can adopt from one of these methods to prevent your place from the chirping of these insects.

  • Dispose of the nesting areas

If you want a permanent solution for these pests, then you need to keep an eye on the nesting area of crickets where they are more often to lay eggs at such as the cracks in the wall and other small places in your house. The female cricket lay 200 eggs at a time, and that can lead to an increased number of them in your home. Therefore it is necessary that you seal the places so that they can’t invade your house.

Here are some measures that you can opt to prevent their breeding in your house:

    • Seal all the holes and cracks that are there in the walls of your house, as these cracks are one of the most often place for the crickets hide and lay eggs in.
    • You should dispose of the litter form your dustbin daily and make sure that they are covered as the dustbins are the places where they can inhabit.
    • Trimming your garden area is a necessity as the crickets tend to lay and rest their eggs in long grasses.
  • Naphthalene balls

Sinks are one of the most common places where the crickets used to hide. So, for that one can make the use of these phenyl balls to get rid of the crickets.

These balls are chemical pesticides that are used to prevent the pest.

  • Plants

The crickets get irritated by the plants especially the nitrogen-fixing ones such as cloves and garlic so it is best option to grow the plants that will keep the crickets away as well as will help to make the environment healthy.

Apart from all the things, the crickets are considered as a sign of fortunes in some countries like China, that’s why these are kept as pets there.

But it is very annoying when a chirping sound is continuously reaching our ears and prevents the person to sleep. Hopefully, now you have understood how you can keep them away or kill them if they are already entered your house as a guest.

However, there is no permanent or long term solution for them, but the only thing we can do is to take preventions.

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