How to Get Rid of Daddy Long Legs Naturally

How to Get Rid of Daddy Long Legs Naturally


The daddy long legs is not a spider, and it comes under the spider category. The daddy long legs has eight legs and looks like spiders, but they do not categorize mainly because of the spider skills they are unable to do, and they do not even spin the webs or vaccinate venom.

Usually, the daddy long legs has delicate bodies and, ultimately, thin hair-like legs. These daddy long legs are also labeled as harvestmen due to their inclination to collect in bulk numbers in the rural farming areas in a fall around harvest time. However, these daddy long legs are entirely depending on its look of having much longer legs than its body.

If you have a problem with daddy long legs on your home or property, this useful guide will surely assist you. The pest control professionals have given the proper instructions by using the following ways to help you get rid of daddy long legs.

What is a daddy long leg spider?

The daddy long legs appear like a normal spider expects that they have tremendously large legs as their nickname declares. They usually have a couple of main body parts, which make up their cephalothorax and torso abdomen. Their eight eyes are grouped on their torso in front. Even some species only have six based on where they live. The daddy long legs is about 2 to 10mm in length, and their legs might be around 50mm.

The color of this spider ranges from brown to gray. Also, there are obvious ones available. Some of them have V-shape markings on their body. The torso links to their eight legs that prolong several times afar their long legs out into a certain distance. This allows them to warp ground as fast as possible and also offers them height to inoculate their prey with the spleen. Even many forms of daddy longlegs are entirely gray with the black abdomen that often live in the United States. You might also see this spider in black, tan, or orange varieties.

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Where you can Find Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs 2021 - Image By Nature

The daddy long legs are harmless, but the spiders are going to lurk around your garden and home in the summer and spring. Daddy long legs usually hang out around water solutions. They like dark, moist places, and that is the reason you will occasionally find them in crawl space, garage, or basement. Female spiders lay eggs in soil that is moist in the fall, as well as the eggs hatch in the springtime. In northern of the US, they live for a single season, but in the southeast, they’ve been noted to exist for two years once the winters are mild.

What Attracts Daddy Long Leg Spiders?

Daddy long legs are generally attracted to the light. And the spiders are attracted to the bright lights from equally fluorescence and also LED lighting. You are able to just use yellow lighting to simply help repel them from the house, as they are inclined to stay away from warm color light.

They are also frequently found near water resources, as they like wet and humid areas around the house.

You are able to additionally discover these bots near stone piles, woodpiles, logs, trash cans, debris, compost heaps, rocks, and abandoned or perhaps unkempt yards. You might also find them with your basement or cellar, as they are sometimes known to be cellar spiders.

How to Get Rid of Daddy Long Legs

  • Inspection

Usually, the daddy longlegs has identified outdoors in the agricultural settings. That is why; they are called harvestmen. You might discover the daddy long legs in a residential environment in wet, sheltered areas such as rocks, around trees, or beneath the roof space of a house or under logs. The only thing to look for is the activity of daddy long legs. They do not spin the webs, so there are no hints that will show you have an infestation other than viewing the daddy long legs traveling themselves around your house.

The daddy long legs do not like to arrive in the indoor environments unless there is enough source of water or wet present. That is why; they are commonly identified in the humid basements and cellars, which are also nicknamed as cellar spiders, it is recommended the treatment of regaining IT insecticide and also place out the glue traps to seizure these pests more easily.

  • Vacuum cleaner

Of course, no spider can win besides a vacuum cleaner’s steep power, particularly fragile daddy long legs. You need to drag the cleaner into a spot where the spiders usually collect and use a straight mouth to suck them in. Moreover, you must clean up the furniture and carpet in your house; because these things dock the tiny insects in which the daddy long legs feed.

  • Essential oils

At present, there are plenty of useful essential oils available on the market. To keep away the spiders from your home, you must use the tea tree oil, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, and peppermint. However, these oils have composites such as a d-limonene and naturally occurring chemical, which have been found to have the good potentials of pest control. To gather you’re repulsive, you need to add a few drops of these oils in a spray bottle, add some water, and then ready to use it.

How to get rid of Daddy Long Leg spiders naturally

In earlier days, the herbs were used as a pest repellant and more effective still today. The essential oils in herbal plants can act as a natural bug repellant, and insects incline to prevent them. To get free from daddy long leg spiders, you can create the tiny sachets of dried herbs and tuck them everywhere your home or mix up in the repulsive spider spray. Some of the spider repelling essential oils and sprays are including:

  • Peppermint spray for spiders

You can take 5-10 drops of peppermint essentials oil with ΒΌ tsp of dish soap and 12 Oz of distilled water. Then, spray at affected areas every week until you no longer see the spider movement.

  • Nuts

You can put chestnuts around your home outside, beneath the furniture, or on the windowsills.

  • Sticky straps

As per the experts, glue taps are great ways to get free from the spider population and other insects. You can even put them anywhere and are non-toxic too. You can purchase the effective traps at hardware shops.

  • Boric Acid

This material has been reported to fit harvestmen. It is a powder that you are able to purchase at nearly all department stores.

You will have to spread it around the voids of yours, around edges, crawl spaces, and also under door frames. And when the daddy long leg hikes over it, the abdomen is damaged by it and then afterward ingested.

This will likely then kill the spider. It does not work instantly but takes a short time to kick in completely. And boric acid is not harmful, but you need to remain careful and use gloves along with a mask if you apply it.

Also, keep pets and kids from it. Then, when the daddy long leg spider’s issue is looked after, make use of a vacuum to tidy up the boric acid.

And do not use near food areas. This helps eliminate these spiders inside the house.

How to prevent daddy long legs spiders?

The daddy long legs is harmless pests, but it can be an irritation while they appear in the big numbers everywhere in your home. One of the topmost suggested ways to treat these daddy long legs is prohibiting and decluttering along with the treatment of regaining IT insecticide around your houses outside and inside gaps and cracks and putting down the glue traps. To prevent these daddy long leg spiders from a creating a reappearance, you must keep your home free from mess and conduct the precautionary spraying of insecticide around your house to make a shield hurdle to keep the daddy long legs in control.

  • Securing trash and compost
  • Cleaning up any woodpiles
  • Disposing debris
  • Removing leaf litter
  • Covering lawn furniture
  • Cleaning up drains and gutters

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