How to Get Rid of Dandelions

How to Get Rid of Dandelions


Every summer, no matter how you take good care of your lawn, you may be attacked by dandelions. These resistant yellow flowers are aggressive and a reminder to act before the yellow flowers mature and produce pom-poms! Otherwise, once the white seeds are scattered in the wind, you’ll have to worry about more than just a few small yellow flowers. Many friends who have dandelions in their lawns cut off or pull off the little yellow flowers. Dandelion buds are not going to kill the entire plant completely. There are several methods you can take to remove them from your lawn altogether. No matter what way you use to get rid of dandelions, make sure to remove them before, the yellow flowers mature and produce white, round, nasty pom-poms. Once the white seeds are scattered in the wind, it will grow everywhere.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Dandelion Infestations

  • Pour boiling water on the dandelions.

Keep pouring boiling water on the dandelions several times a day, and within three days, they will start to wilt and eventually die completely.

  • Spray the dandelions with vinegar

Plain white vinegar will do, but you can also heat the vinegar and let it concentrate on increasing the acetic acid content and making a more potent weed killer. Just put the vinegar in a spray bottle and spray from top to bottom. For even better results, after grabbing the dandelion by the roots and pulling it out, sprinkle some herbicide in the holes left behind as well so that you can kill any remaining roots.

  • Sprinkle Corn Gluten Meal

Before dandelions germinate, sprinkle corn gluten meal (CGM) on the grass. CGM is a pre-emergent herbicide that keeps seeds from Rooting. This herbicide is only effective for five to six weeks before the weeds germinate. After six weeks, so you’ll need to repeat the process several times throughout the weed season.

  • Give the dandelions a little salt.

Pile a tablespoon of salt on the roots of your dandelions. Don’t get the salt on other plants, as salt can kill many other green plants.

  • Use hydrochloric acid

Buy some hydrochloric acid at the store. Hydrochloric acid is cheap that you can get a big bottle for a few dollars, and it will last a long time. Wear rubber gloves and use a rubber dropper to drip concentrated hydrochloric acid onto your dandelions. Be careful not to inhale the fumes from the hydrochloric acid. Then you just happily watch as the dandelions slowly turn brown over a few minutes and disappear forever.

  • Use chemical herbicides

Post-budding herbicides that target broadleaf weeds are ideal. Natural herbicides should be used directly on the weeds you want to get rid of, such as those containing glyphosate. Do not spray these herbicides on the entire lawn. Glyphosate kills all plants, so only spray directly on the leaves of the dandelions. When the green part of the plant dies, the herbicide chemical will seep into the plant and kill its roots.

The Natural Method about How to Remove Dandelion

To remove dandelions completely, you need to uproot them. You can buy the kind of tool from Canadian Tire that allows you to uproot dandelions. Just stick it near the roots of the plant and use the lever principle to lift the dandelion roots out of the soil. But pulling them out one by one is inefficient, so here are a few reliable ways to get your yard done without much effort, Dandelions!

As soon as dandelions appear, cut them off with a weed whacker. As long as you can get rid of dandelions before they produce white seeds, you should be able to suppress the spread of the weeds. Adjust the base of the mower to keep the grass that is less than 5 or 6 cm long, as longer grass will shade the dandelions as they need the sunshine to grow. Note that just cutting off the buds of the dandelion won’t completely kill the whole plant.

  • Dig up the dandelions from the roots

Root up dandelions in your lawn and remove them completely. Buy several types of tools from the gardening store that can be used to dig up dandelions by the roots. Some look like forks and others like screwdrivers with fishtails. Whichever style of tool you use, insert it near the root of the plant and use a lever to pull the dandelions up by their roots out of the soil. Just pry it up.

  • Cover up the weeds

Dandelions need plenty of shingles to survive. You can block the shingles with cardboard or black plastic bags, and the dandelions will die in a matter of days.

  • Improve soil quality

Improve the quality of your soil by adding nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and wood chip mulch to your soil. Dandelions grow more vigorously in acidic soil and get weaker in fertile soil, so they’re easier to pull. Fertile soil can even inhibit dandelion rooting.

  • Raise some chickens or rabbits

Both animals love to eat dandelions, and once this plant emerges from the ground, they’ll gulp them down to help us get these Eat all the pesky weeds.

  • Use a flamethrower

These handheld flamethrowers can burn up the seeds.

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