How to Get Rid of Drain Flies Naturally

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies Naturally

 It is time for you to learn how harmful drain flies are so you can start getting rid of them. You may have a serious problem at home that you need to avoid now regarding flies. You must know about drain flies and how dangerous they are to your life due to the diseases they bring.

Find out what the main signs of sewer fly infestation are so you can identify and eliminate them. Learn how to get rid of drain flies naturally when you are at home. Finally, you must know how to prevent drain flies from returning to your home and avoid exposing yourself to diseases.

What Are Drain Flies?

What Are Drain Flies

Drain flies, or their scientific name sycodids, are small flying insects attracted to moisture. You can easily recognize these insects by their furry appearance, gray color, and size of at least 2 cm. They are flies that attract many diseases, such as leishmaniasis that cause skin ulcers on your body.

This pest can appear almost anywhere in the world and more when winter approaches. You must prevent these types of flies’ infestation to avoid contracting a disease that inflames your spleen or liver.

Are They Harmful?

Drain flies are harmful, so you should avoid them at home to prevent diseases such as:

  • Myiasis

It is a very serious disease that you can contract from the drain fly larvae where your yew trees will be affected. Although myiasis has a manual treatment when removing the larvae in your body, it also produces a lot of pain that you should avoid.

  • Microfilaria

As you may know, microfilaria or elephantiasis is caused by mosquitoes that give you a filarial parasite. This disease can also affect your pets, giving symptoms such as diarrhea, skin irritation, headaches, etc.

  • Leishmaniasis

There are different types of leishmaniasis that you can get from drain flies, and each use is infectious. You can have severe pain in your spleen and liver, completely deteriorating your life.

  • Asthma

A serious disease you can get from these drain flies is asthma, leading to death. If you prevent flies, you avoid asthma and thus not spoil your life with a plague.

Drain Fly Infestation Sign

Drain Fly Infestation Sign

You can recognize some signs of drainage mocha infestation at home so you can take action against it. The signs that you can see about this type of infestation are:

  • Flies will be present in your bathroom, giving you a bad time when you want to wash or go to the toilet. You may have around 50 drain flies near your bathroom, exposing you to many diseases.
  • The pest can move from your bathroom to the kitchen and get on top of your food. You must prevent the pest from roaming freely in your home and thus not expose yourself to a serious disease.
  • You will have a strange smell in your house with the pest’s infestation making you feel bad. The smell released by the drain fly is unbearable, forcing you to clean your house every so often.
  • You can see a hive of these flies in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, or basement, where humidity dominates. These flies reproduce quickly, which means that you have a serious infestation in a short time.

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How To Eliminate Drain Flies Naturally

You have to learn how to get rid of drain flies naturally by applying the following:

  • Apply repellent against flies

You can go the easy way to get rid of drain flies and buy repellants against them. You can buy several repellants online and in physical stores against pests. You can buy chemical repellants or with natural components that guarantee to kill the plague.

  • Use garlic with water

Garlic with water results in an effective repellent against drain flies that you should use now. All you have to do is crush the garlic and then combine it with the water to throw it on the flies. You need to use a spray bottle to apply the repellent to the flies without problems.

  • Diatomaceous earth

You can use diatomaceous earth along with water to kill drain flies in your home. You have to combine this pest repellent with water, then place it in a spray bottle and apply it to the infected area.

  • Mothballs

For maximum results against drain flies, you can use mothballs against them. It is good that you combine the natural element with cedar oil to have excellent results in killing the pest.

  • Lavender

You can use liquid lavender as your drain fly protector, giving it a very delicious smell. The best thing about using this repellent is that you will have an environment with an excellent smell, and you will kill the flies.

  • Chrysanthemums

You can also combine the chrysanthemum flower with water and drain fly spray. The smell that this flower emits is detestable for the plague, which causes them to flee your home.

How to Keep Drain Flies from Returning

How you can prevent flies from coming back home, including the following:

  • Avoid humid areas at home

You have to avoid damp areas in your house like in the basement, bathroom, kitchen, or patio. You must make some adjustments at home and remove the moisture present to attract the drain flies.

  • Clean your home every day

If you have just eliminated the plague and don’t want it to come back, you have to spend a few weeks cleaning your home. You need to use detergents and bleach daily so that the drain flies don’t come back.

  • Apply a lot of detergents when cleaning your house

You should apply a good amount of detergents to clean your house completely and avoid flies. Chlorine is effective against this pest, so you should use it when cleaning the bathroom floor or other areas.

  • Try not to leave trash exposed

The garbage you have at home must be sealed to prevent these flies’ appearance and larvae. You have to cover the garbage very well and not leave it at home for more than one week to avoid the plague. You have to dispose of the garbage as fast as possible or set up a deposit very far from your house to avoid flies.

  • Never leave food open in your kitchen for too long

You should avoid leaving food open in your kitchen for too long to avoid attracting flies to the area. These flies are attracted to food odors, so you should avoid drawing their attention from the kitchen. If you don’t do anything to attract the drain flies, you won’t have to worry about a serious infestation.

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