How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites On The Couch

How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites On The Couch

You have to learn now How to get rid of dust mites on the couch naturally. With some information about the mites, you will act immediately to eliminate the infestation. You have to know thoroughly about dust mites and the enormous damage they do to your entire home.

Find out the common signs of dust mite allergies when you have a serious infestation in your home. Know how dangerous mites are and if these tiny animals can bite you when you intimidate them. Learn how you can get rid of mites and how you can prevent an infestation on the sofa at home

What Are Dust Mites?

Dust mites are tiny insects that you cannot see with the naked eye, but you can feel them on the couch. This species is of the arachnid type, and they usually inhabit the sofa, in your bed, or in the clothes you have stored. On average, a mite measures 0.2 to 0.5 millimeters, one of the smallest arachnids for the entire species.

These arachnids are attracted to moisture and often create serious infestations on the couch if you let them linger. Mites cannot be a nuisance in a short period, but if they create a large infestation, it will become your nightmare. You must take radical measures for mites managing to avoid the plague throughout your home.

Common Signs Of Dust Mite Allergies

When mites surround you, you can have some health complications like allergies on the couch. These arachnids are one of the main causes of why you constantly have allergies at home, so you should avoid them. Among the symptoms that you will have caused by allergy to dust mites are:

  • Bad cough
  • Sneezing
  • Drip in your nose
  • You feel itchy in your eyes
  • Blue skin is denoted under your eyes

These are basic symptoms that you can observe when exposed to dust mites on the couch, so avoid them now. If you have complications in breathing due to dust mites, you have to see a specialist doctor.

Are Dust Mites Dangerous?

Mites do not pose a major danger to your life unless exposed to a good amount on your couch. These arachnids will only give you a cough, which can be complicated by a fever, which will spoil your life. If you want to avoid getting sick with a cough, you should learn How to get rid of dust mites on the couch with home remedies.

The best thing you can do at this point is to take action against mites on the couch or in another area of ​​your home. If you eliminate the plague with it, you are promoting your health completely.

Can Dust Mites Bite You?

dust mites

Dust mites can bite you, but it gives a very low and even imperceptible pain due to the arachnid size. You will not feel discomfort from the dust mite bite, although this should not be an excuse for not eliminating them. Having mites on the sofa will make the area look bad aesthetically, and you will expose yourself to many diseases.

You have to repel these arachnids that they do not ask so hard if they can spoil your life in another way. A bite from these arachnids is not seen unless you have a magnifying glass and start looking for them on your body. The mites will bite you because a part of their diet is based on dead skin that you have on your body now.

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How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites On A Sofa Naturally?

It is time for you to know How to get rid of dust mites on the couch with natural remedies at home. Among the things that you have to do to repel the arachnid on your sofa are:

  • Clean the sofa

The first thing you have to do to get rid of dust mites on the couch is to clean the area. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the entire couch to remove as many mites as possible.

  • Use cleaning products on the couch

You can use non-staining cleaning products on the sofa to eliminate the mites that inhabit the area. These cleaning products need to be strong in odor for your goals of cleaning the pest to be positive.

  • Apply heat to the sofa

Another way that you can repel mites is by applying some heat to the sofa where they live. You can use a hot air vacuum to kill the mites quickly and thus prevent the infestation.

  • Use the Dust Mites Protector Cover

For those which have a perfectly good couch or perhaps sofa, you are able to change it with a protector cover to control dust mites. But, unlike a typical cloth, the hypoallergenic dust mites protector cover is going to stop the dust mites from getting into the couch because of the tight weaving. And, it doesn’t affect the breathability and cooling of the couch. In case you’ve sheets or pillows on the couch, change it to a hypoallergenic protector cover too.

  • Get rid of Couch Covers and Wash

Some cushions or fabrics can’t be steam clean, and thus the removable covers which could be removed for a clean. Washing and change the cushion covers for about 1 to 4 weeks to ensure that it avoids dust mites. And in the washing machine condition, we suggest using warm water at approximately 130 F to get rid of germs, larvae, and dust mites. The washing way does apply to blankets, bedsheets, and pillowcases. For cushions that can’t be washed or steam, you are able to freeze them in your freezer.

  • Keep the Humidity Level to Reduce the Dust Mites

The dust mites live perfectly in a temperature like humans, but they really choose a higher humidity. Anything less than seventy % relative humidity reduces the reproductive rate of theirs, so try to always keep the relative humidity inside your home and bedroom to under fifty %.

You are able to test the humidity in residence by having an electronic moisture monitor. If you discover that relative humidity amounts are over fifty %, try getting air circulating through the house of yours by using fans and vents and by often opening windows. In case this does not work, or even if it’s too inconvenient, it is also easy to manage humidity with dehumidifiers and air conditioning devices.

  • Make use of a Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil Spray

Tea tree oil is an organic anti-fungal oil, antiviral, and antibacterial that a lot of homeowners, and also beauty gurus, recommend for getting rid of something from acne bacteria as well as foot fungi to mildew and mold. It removes dust mites as well as disinfects and prevents fungi and viruses.

Blend 2 cups of the distilled water with 2 tablespoons of the eucalyptus as well as 2 tablespoons of the tea tree oil. Then, pour the concoction into a spray bottle to avoid lighting from making the oils ineffective. And spray freely on your bed, furniture, and pillows.

  • Keep Pets Away from your bedroom

Dust mites like pet dander, so let them leave away the bedroom of yours, if possible. Make sure that you bathe as well as groom your pets frequently if you’ve a breed which sheds profusely, vacuum often, and clean their bedding every week. Remember that cats and dogs also can undergo debris mite allergic reactions, so reduce the discomfort of theirs by keeping their room dust free and neat.

How To Prevent Dust Mites On Your Couch?

Now that you understand How to get rid of dust mites on the couch, you must learn how to prevent them. You should make your home look good without dust mites that have dominated your sofa by doing the following:

  • Never leave the sofa dirty

You should create a routine where your sofa is always clean and not dirty to avoid mites’ infestation. With a well-clean sofa, you will not have this plague that will only generate allergies in your body that will deteriorate your life. You should create a routine where your sofa will always be clean to avoid a major infestation of mites.

  • Try to keep the couch warm

If you have a sofa in your living room with air conditioning, you should take a few minutes to warm it up. Dust mites in the sofa have an attraction to cold temperatures, but they do not tolerate heat well. You can use vacuums to give the area some heat so that the mites will run off the couch today.

  • Avoid putting other clean things on the sofa

To prevent all the mites from moving from your sofa to another area of ​​the house, you don’t have to put neat things on top. If you have a clean bathroom and place it on top of the sofa with mites, it will be its transport to spread to other places. You must think very well to prevent mites from dominating your home because of the mistakes you make when transporting them from one place to another.

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