How To Get Rid Of Female Black Widow Naturally

The female black widow can be more dangerous than you think. But the good news is that there are many natural products that you can use to get rid of them quickly. In the United States, the black widow spider is considered one of the worst insects and can be seen in other parts of the world.

Although these types of spiders are common to see in outer space, you can also notice the presence of them inside your home. And if this happens, it is because they are looking for a warm environment to survive.

In this guide, we’ll talk about:

  • How to identify and inspect black widows
  • Where black widows live and hide
  • Natural ways to get rid of black widows fast (and kill them)
  • And More

After reading, you have the capability to get rid and kill female black widow spiders in your house.

How to Identify Black Widow Spiders?

The female black widow can be identified very easily since her body is dark black and can be approximately the size of the tip of your finger. Aside from their distinctive black color, these types of female spiders have a red marking on their abdomen, much like an hourglass.

The black male widow can be one-third of the female black widow’s size and is light brown. Both have two fangs that can be used as hypodermic needles to inject a small neurotoxic venom dose. This venom can paralyze its prey, especially attack small insects such as crickets, cockroaches, or beetles.

Where Do They Live?

Black widows tend to live in hot or desert environments, as they prefer weaving their webs within areas that are protected and kept cool. The webs that black widows weave are known as cobwebs and are not shaped clearly. You’ve probably seen a lot of cobwebs, as they can often be seen outdoors.

But once the black widows enter your home, they will look for a space that is not very frequented by people to have their web. For example, it could be a kept dark corner such as the pantry or even the garage.

What Do Black Widow Spiders Eat?

Black widows have a carnivorous diet and use their cobwebs to catch each of their prey. Black widows feed on insects such as caterpillars, grasshoppers, mosquitoes, flies, and beetles. To cover their prey, black widows use their legs that are like combs, so they can hardly escape.

When the black widow goes to feed, she uses her fangs to puncture the insect that has become her prey. The black widows administer the enzymes of their corpses, and together with their fangs, they can liquefy their prey to feed on the resulting liquid. To feed, the black widow will suck this liquid.

The Habits of Female Black Widow Spiders

Female black widow spiders - Image By Standard

And female black widow spider rarely leaves the web and just retreats when searching for prey. The site has coarse silk, and also it is irregular and tangled. The spider is able to change the web for the needs.

The black widow spider uses the silk of her to capture the prey and pack it around the prey. After it is included with the spider injects venom, silk, killing the prey. And the prey may be preserved for later feeding or perhaps eaten immediately.

The female black widow spider is protective and remains near her egg sacs. And their sacs are fifty percent an inch long and are oval and brown. One pouch is able to hold as many as 700 eggs, which need an incubation period of about 20 days. And old black widow spiders will die after laying the eggs.

Furthermore, the females are able to store sperm and also make use of it to lay more eggs without requiring a make to mate. Meanwhile, the female black widow spiders are able to live for over three years.

Do Black Widow Spiders Bite?

The black widow can bite people, and you should know that this poison that they inject through their fangs can be dangerous. It is not common to see that a black widow bite has killed a person; however, one must receive medical assistance when bitten by one of them.

The black widow bite can cause certain diseases that can end up being very serious. That is why, when being bitten by a black widow when requesting medical assistance, the specialist will use medications to reduce pain and relax the muscles. And also, you can make use of medications that can combat the bite of a black widow.

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Signs of Black Widow Infestation

It is very easy for you to tell if there is an invasion of black widow spiders in your house. The first thing you will notice will be the presence of cobwebs in various parts of your space, especially at ground level.

The black widow uses to weave her webs in a disorderly way, and near them, you can find silk sacks where she will lay her eggs. These two options are very obvious signs that will let you know if there is a black widow spider infestation in your home.

Faced with this situation, the first thing to do is look for options to get rid of these insects quickly.

How To Get Rid Of Black Widow Spiders Naturally

You can get rid of black widow spiders naturally by using the following products that you can easily buy in stores:

  • Strong aromas are very annoying for black widow spiders so that you can use tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lemon, or eucalyptus. You should only spray these elements in the areas where I noticed spiders’ presence so that they stay away from your interior space.
  • You can create a repellent for spiders by mixing the essential oil of your choice with a little water in a spray bottle. You can apply this natural method throughout your home as it will not cause you any harm.
  • Experts consider vinegar as the killer of the black widow. Make a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar and spray directly on the black widow spiders, and you should still do so if you notice the presence of the egg sacs.
  • Black widow spiders need their webs for shelter and food, so you must remove them to get rid of them easily.

How To Prevent Black Widow From Getting Into Your House

You can prevent black widow spiders from entering your home:

  • Keep all storage areas in order so that spiders cannot build webs in those spaces.
  • Store items in airtight containers, as well as your belongings to keep them protected
  • When searching for black widow webs, it is preferable to wear protective gloves. Gardening gloves can be a good option, and experts recommend using closed shoes and, if possible protective clothing.
  • Vacuum window frames frequently and any openings between doors, so that black widow spiders cannot hide in these places.
  • If there are cracks in windows or other spaces in your home, seal them or place screens.
  • You can apply black life killers in the less visible spaces of your home frequently.
  • Avoid keeping piles of firewood near your home.
  • Keep outdoor lights off, as apart from attracting black widows, they will also attract other pesky insects.

The way to deal with a Female Black Widow bite

The black widow spiders bite for self-defense, as well as their bites are seldom fatal. They’re not hostile and will attack just because of the fear. And Black widow spiders bite to guard themselves against perceived risk, which is certain to be the situation in case you are caught disturbing the web of theirs.

What to do when a black widow chews you: Wash the bitten area as well as use an ice pack. Next, seek medical treatment. Usually, black widow bites do not hurt initially, but once symptoms come out, the neurotoxin is able to cause severe complications. Nausea, soreness, and trouble breathing will happen in a couple of hours after the bite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bug Bombs Get Rid of Female black widow spiders?

Spiders aren’t only terrible pests; a number of species just like the Black Widow also can inflict damage to your home specifically on kids. This’s the reason why you need to kill the spiders immediately.

What smell do the black widow spiders hate?

Female black widow spiders hate orange, peppermint, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus. The black widow spiders smell through the feet and obviously have a really great sense of smell. By scattering these effective scents, black widow spiders are going to stay away.

Do you need to eliminate black widow spiders?

When the male black widows are able to bite, it is usually the female black widows who are responsible. Despite the small size of theirs, black widows pack a dangerous punch as well as their bites should be considered seriously.

Does Windex kill the female black widow spiders?

Windex is lethal to many insects, along with spiders are no different. Spray a spider with sufficient Windex, which is going to make the spiders die quickly.

What can attract the female black widows?

Tallgrass and heaps of logs or perhaps attractive places are made by debris to find build webs, hide, and food. Homes that currently have an insect problem have the potential to produce a black widow issue.

Does bleach get rid of black widow spiders?

The Black widows are a risky species of spider with an awful bite, so you need to pay careful attention when approaching them. And while the bleach can be a highly effective way to kill a few spiders, it could be better to see alternative solutions with this particular species. For the safe side, it’s safer to call an experienced pest exterminator.

How long will it take for the black widow spider eggs to hatch?

Generally, approximately four to nine sacs are laid during the summer season with between twenty as well as 900 eggs per sac. And the black widow eggs hatch in fourteen to thirty days, after which only one to twelve of them is going to survive due to cannibalism. And the spiderlings will leave the site after they’ve hatched.

Does rubbing alcohol kill the black widow spiders?

Fill a squirt container with vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or perhaps a cleaning agent and utilize it to eliminate spiders.

Are the black widow spiders aggressive?

The spiders are typical in tropical and temperate regions. There are 5 different species of spiders, which are generally known as a Black Widow spider. All of them are very similar and venomous. In most cases, Black Widows aren’t aggressive and also will stay away from the human.

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