How to Get Rid of Flying Termites From Your Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Flying Termites


Do You Want To Eliminate Flying Termites From Your Home Naturally? Have you seen flying termites? When you find termites, it is a sign that your house is infested, and you should treat it immediately. Before they come to the surface, these termites are active between 3 or 5 years below ground.

The first thing you need to do is to check the place where these termites are appearing. It would help if you did not leave leftovers in wooden boxes, firewood, or vegetable debris piled up to catch moisture. For termites, these places are the most desirable and will serve to settle.

In cities, the favorite places for termites are wood baths; it is perfect for establishing your neighborhood. Below, it is our guide articles about how to get rid of them naturally and how to prevent them.

What Are Flying Termites?

Aerial termites or winged termites are a species that come from the same termite mound as common termites and from the same queen. They are males and females that are only for reproduction. They grow wings so they can fly from the termite mound to other places and meet other mate and generate new termite mounds. Then, they will start a new area.

Why Can They Fly?

Scientifically, the exit of aerial or winged termites is called a nuptial flight or swarm. This process can vary depending on the time of year, the place, and the termite species.

The objective of the flight is to generate new termite mounds, generally to form it with other species from other colonies. Before the exit, you will see signs like holes in the wood or the wall to allow the exit of this species of winged termites.

Another sign is finding several places full of wings alone. When they have already copulated, the wings are no longer useful to them either inside the wood or underground.

How to Know About Whether You Have Flying Termites At Home

When you start to see them, it is because the problem is already too big and you must find an effective and quick solution to attack them. Termites leave no traces of what they eat, they work indoors, many times you will notice it when you touch a piece of furniture and this gap, or it breaks.

So you know if you have termites at home you should check the following:

  • Look for mud or earth tunnels, as termites are adept at building these tunnels to move from one place to another. Many times these tubes can hang from the ceiling like stalactites.
  • If you have plaster walls, you can look for small spots that are dark in tone. Often, the termites open holes by mistake and go outside but then cover them so that the light cannot enter.
  • If you see flying or winged termites, it is a sign that you have a termite mound very close to that place.
  • Hit the wood, and you should hear if it sounds hollow or if it breaks, it is a sign that they are already there.
How To Remove Termites?

We won’t sugarcoat this, in case you notice flying termites buzzing about, termites have infested and also taking them on with no exterminator, is most likely a waste of your time.

If you find termites in your home, you have two options to eliminate them: you can use a natural home treatment, and another is by hiring a professional treatment using baits.

Should you spend several hours searching the web for ways to eliminate them, the best baits to utilize, traps that perform, or even different sprays, you will wind up wasting a great deal of time and may further exacerbate the issue.

Unless you are comfortable with drilling holes around your house to increase access, finding the nest, as well as applying various chemicals, it is better to let professionals trained to handle the job.

Not merely are they knowledgeable and skilled about termites as well as the harm these guys are able to cause. Still, a pest management specialist is accredited by your state to manage pesticides and start a fumigation method instantly.

By calling an expert to look after your flying termite issue, you are doing enormous favor. The dollars you invest in employing a professional specialist as a homemade termite destroyer is invaluable; though you might be asking yourself how you can eliminate termites naturally, the fact is that these people will destroy your best DIY defenses.

Natural Home Treatment To Get Rid of Flying Termites

How to get rid of flying termites naturally? If you want to eliminate these pesky insects, naturally, specific methods are excellent. You can start treating the wood by ejecting certain particular products, among the natural remedies you can use are:

  • Use viral acid, sodium borate, and pentachlorophenol directly on the distressed wood.

These products can help treat the problem; woodworm is a very effective remedy. Although for termites, it is not very useful because it does not reach the deepest places in the wood.

This patch can penetrate approximately one centimeter; if you want it to work, you must inject the products throughout the interior of the wood. This method is sometimes impossible, and therefore you cannot completely remove them.

  • Using boric acid through home baits

It is a more effective remedy than the previous one, but it is still insufficient to attack the problem successfully. You must create your homemade traps, buy the boric acid, and place it on the wood where you know the termites are.

You must control if these baits disappear. If they notice that it is something harmful, they will not consume it. It acts as a kind of insecticide, but it will not affect all the termites but only a part.

  • Use gasoline on wood

This method is a popular home remedy. It is a dangerous and often inefficient treatment. You can stay calm for a few days thinking that the termites are gone, but when it evaporates, you will notice them again.

  • Use beneficial nematodes.

Beneficial nematodes are microscopic worms that are used in certain countries to control insects. They are used for many pests, but it is not known precisely if they work against termites. It is a very complicated treatment to be considered an effective home remedy.

As you can see, there are some remedies you can try to eliminate termites, but it will all depend on the magnitude of your problem. Treating the termite mound problem is not easy, but you can try the home above remedies to see which one has positive results.

Bait Treatment: A More Effective Method

It is often better to go to a professional when the problem is enormous and challenging to deal with at home. Professionals have complete monitoring and elaborate methods to eliminate termites. You will be sure that in a few months these annoying insects will not appear again.

They will go to your house and carry out the corresponding inspection to verify the magnitude of the problem and even more if you have a lot of wood in your home. You can check what type of termite it is, the location, and all the essential details to offer an effective solution.

Bait treatment takes advantage of the functioning or social behavior of these insects. This is a food that is carried by them in the stomach and moved to the other termites. With this treatment, all the termites in the colony will be affected, not only those that eat the bait directly.

In this way, you can attack all the termites of the termite mound and thus end this root problem.

How to Prevent Flying Termites

If you want to prevent these annoying insects, you must have the wood of your house in good condition. You should have those that are well treated outside and varnished and use anti-termite products.

Do not have damp wood near your home as this will attract them more quickly. You must keep your roof or basement well dry.

Regularly check the woods in your home to avoid disasters and break your furniture or tables. Learn to differentiate termites from ants, as some people often confuse them.

By following this advice, you can keep your home termite-free and not allow it to spread throughout your home. To get rid of them, everything will depend on you and the care you put into your wood.

  • Seal up any splits in the foundation of yours
  • Repair any damaged window as well as patio doors screens
  • Seal up attic entryways
  • Caulk crevices as well as splits around your home ‘s walls
  • Seal up cracks around windows or doors
  • By utilizing nonrepellent items, if flying termites try to go through the trench you produced, they are going to die and wind up spreading the recurring chemicals throughout their nesting place
  • Repair damaged vents
  • Make your yard less attractive for termites
  • Eliminate or perhaps replace pet doors which are damaged

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